Haji Bektash Veli

Haji Bektash Veli was a great Sufi teacher, humanist and philosopher who lived in Anatolia in the 13’th century. He is the eponym of the Bektashi Sufi order and is considered as one of the principal teachers of Alevism. He is also a renowned figure in the history and culture of both Ottoman Empire and modern day Turkey.

Haji Bektash Veli was born in Nishabur, Khorasan in 1248, spent his childhood in Khorasan, and was trained in philosophy and sciences at Hodja Ahmed Yesevi’s school. After traveling to Iran, Iraq and Arabia, Haji Bektash settled in Sulucukarahöyük in 1275. At that time, Anatolia was under Mongol occupation and there were severe social and economic problems.

Haji Bektash Veli, united the Christians of Anatolia and Turkoman migrants with his educational and developmental activities and played an important role in the formation of cultural unity and central authority in Anatolia.

These are some of his teachings:

  • Keep on searching, you’ll find the truth.
  • Be patient in your spiritual quest.
  • Whatever you seek, look within.
  • Control your tongue, your hands and your sexual behavior.
  • Being a teacher is to give, not to take.
  • The greatest book to read is the human being.
  • The universe is for man, and man for the universe.
  • Any road that doesn’t follow science, ends in darkness.
  • Science illuminates the paths of truth.
  • Blessed are those who illuminate the darkness by their thoughts and ideas.
  • Don’t hurt anyone, even though you’ve been hurt.
  • Don’t ask anyone for anything that would be difficult for you to do.
  • Don’t blame any nation or individual.
  • The beauty of human beings is the beauty of their words.
  • Don’t forget that even your enemy is human.
  • Educate your daughters.


* for service and blessedness *

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