Each unit of Cosmos has a center or nucleus which is the identity (the I of the entity). In spiritual philosophy the center=nucleus=identity is also known as the “I am consciousness” or simply as “unit consciousness”.

The unit consciousness (atman) is connected to the Cosmic Consciousness (Puruśottama, Atman or simply the I of Cosmos). Some sages in history described this connection between the unit and the cosmic identities –  the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm-  as “reflection” and others as “ray connection”. I tend to think of this connection as “inversion”.

The nucleus (whether it is the unit nucleus or the cosmic nucleus) is also known as the “witnessing entity”. The term “witnessing entity” is not good enough to express the intended meaning. The “witnessing entity” is also the substantiator and the life giver. Without this “witnessing entity” there is no existence and there is no life. This fact can be stated in many different ways by using many different metaphors. One can even invoke modern physics (Quantum Physics) to explain it but it is the other way around. This fundamental fact is the reason why Quantum Physics is the way it is.

Each unit has this center that makes it an “entity”. Since all unit centers are reflections of the one and only Cosmic Center there is only one “Entity” which the Supreme Entity. One never gets tired of saying this in thousand different ways. The Supreme Entity is also known as God, or as my favorite “Parama Purusa”.

The (relative) existence is only possible because of the (absolute) existence of the nucleus consciousness (the I of the entity) which is a “reference” (or “name”) of the Being (Brahma).

When the center=nucleus=identity=atman objectivates as explained in my article “A Fundamental Principle” we can say that Being is Becoming.

You may have seen this “reference” terminology in my other articles. Why do I insist on this terminology? Many of us, especially young people today, learn programming at an early age and practice it all our professional lives. Programmers understand what a “reference” is. It is a special kind of connection between the units of a computer program such as “objects” or “instances” or “functions”. When you pass the “reference” of an object to another “object” you can accomplish anything that the original “object” is capable of in the universe of the target object.

The units of the Cosmos (any unit structure of the Cosmos whether simple or complex) from elementary, particles, atoms, molecules, galaxies to plants, animals and humans carry this fundamental “reference” which is properly known as the “unit consciousness” or “nucleus consciousness”.

Sages of a different era used the terminology of “name” exactly like we are using the “reference” terminology today. They talked about the “names” of God. It is true that a specific “name” refers to a limited aspect of the Being (Brahma) which is by definition limitless and therefore nameless. This appears to be a contradiction. Referring to It as “the Being” limits it too. Sages of the past understood that “name” refers to the Cosmic Consciousness which is analogous to the “reference” in computer programming, the “reference” through which all functions are performed within the body of the “main”, the infinite ocean of Being (Brahma).

Speaking of “name”, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti taught us to sing “Baba Nam Kevalam” in Kiirtans (spiritual dance and music).

Ba’Ba’ Nam Kevalam

Ba’Ba’  : the Beloved,  the affectionate way to address the Parama Purusa (God, Cosmic Consciousness)

Nam : Name

Kevalam : all that exists, all there is

Here the “nam” literally means “name” but it is referrring to that “reference” which is Cosmic Nucleus or Cosmic Consciousness. Remember

Brahma=Being=Love=Bliss=Ananda=Consciousness  –> Atman=Existence  –> Becoming=Life

therefore the chant “Baba Nam Kevalam” can also be translated as

Love is all there is.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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