Analytic Process Always Causes Multiplicity

What is analysis?

Slicing and dicing
Examining the differences
Increasing the resolution of a view
Examining the change
Examining the rate of change
Identifying the components
Identifying the constituents
Identifying the frequency components
Spectral analysis

Analytic process will cause multiplicity (by definition).

In this regard, I suspect the many-worlds interpretation of QM arises as a result of the analytic process. When we focus in the microscopic world we are trying to increase the resolution of the view. Any attempt to increase the resolution will lead to multiplicity.

Intuition tells me that the concepts of QM discussed in the Copenhagen interpretation are also related to the principle of “analytic process always causes multiplicity”. The superposition principle in QM as well as the addition of “probability amplitudes with phases over all possible paths” are related to this phenomenon.

Who is doing the analysis?

The mind is doing the analysis. The mind is also known as the “ordering principle” and as the “projection mechanism”. The “projection mechanism” is also known as “objectivation”. The mind as the actor of the analytic process is causing the multiplicity. Initially, the Cosmic Mind caused the multiplicity which we observe as the physical universe. Cosmic Creation was the original analytic process.

Can the analytic process continue indefinitely?

In order to see the details of the microscopic world we need to build bigger and bigger devices. First came the optical microscope. With the optical microscope we can see the details of the cells and the bacteria.  Later the electron microscope was invented. The electron microscope is much bigger than the optical microscope. With the electron microscope we can see the shapes of molecules and atoms. Then we built synchrotrons and colliders to see the details of the atomic nuclei. Now, we have even bigger microscopes such as Tevatron and “Large Hadron Collider” (LHC) to probe the quarks which are inside the protons and neutrons.

With LHC we are moving to the next phase where we will start creating particles that do not normally exist in nature. Those are the particles that supposedly existed at the beginning of the universe briefly. As we focus energy into a smaller region of space we are creating the details, we are causing the multiplicity. Analytic process always causes multiplicity.

To see the details at the microscopic level you need energy. The resolution of the view can only be increased by creating higher and higher energy densities. The interesting fact is that by increasing the resolution we are not simply looking but we are actually causing a change; we are causing new particle creation therefore increasing multiplicity.

To repeat one more time, when you focus energy to a small region of space new particles are created. This is also a type of analytic process. Can we continue this indefinitely? Can we focus more and more energy to smaller and smaller regions? Most physicists think that there is a limit. They call it the Planck scale. At the Planck scale the nature of space-time changes, it becomes discrete or quantized. Discrete space-time means that there is limit to the resolution of the view. There is the smallest volume.

Some of my friends from the “eastern philosophy” school think that the analytic process can continue indefinitely. They think that as you increase the size of the microscope and create higher and higher energy densities you will be creating newer and newer particles. They do not think that there is a fundamental limit.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti who reformulated the Tantra Yoga in a very authoritative manner clarified misconceptions that arise from some interpretations of texts and scriptures of the “eastern philosophy”. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti hinted that there is a limit to the analytic process, he mentioned that there is a limit to the crudification of consciousness. His view is in agreement with the latest thinking in physics. The Planck scale of physics represents that crudest level of consciousness which is the densest state of matter.

Besides, if we assume that there is no fundamental limit you will eventually reach a limit anyway because your collider (miscroscope) will have to become as big as the entire universe and you need to focus the entire energy of the universe to a point. If the physical universe is finite then there is a limit to how small a particle can be and how much resolution you can develop.

It seems that the limit on the crudification of Consciousness was designed to cause a type of bounce when the analytic process (involution or inversion of the Cosmic Mind) reaches its nadir, At the nadir point a counter-involution or re-version starts. At the crudest (most condensed) state of the mind stuff (Planck scale space-time) the analytic process ends and the synthetic process begins. At this most extreme point of crudification there is uncountable number of multiplicity each of which is associated with a unit consciousnes. The next phase of the Cosmic Evolution is then determined by the special relationship and interplay between the  Cosmic Consciousness and the uncountable number of unit consciousnesses.

I will conclude by quoting from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti:

“The phase of creation where It moves from subtle to crude has the purpose of Cosmic Consciousness forming Itself into Its infinite multiplicities as unit consciousnesses. The next phase of the movement from crude to subtle has the intention of liberating the unit consciousnesses from the bondage of Prakrti. Saguńa Brahma aims at the liberation of each of Its units, and to fulfil this purpose, It has to manifest Itself as the creation, which advances from subtle to crude and then from crude to subtle in its two phases. Thus the purpose or object of Saguńa Brahma in creating this universe is to obtain freedom for each of Its units or for all Its multiplicities and to obtain for them the status of muktapuruśa.”

The quotation comes from the “What is This World” article of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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