Spirit of Fight

Regarding the conceptualization of spiritual practice as a “fight” Shrii Shrii Anandamurti should be the first reference because he was very consistent about this message throughout his life. He not only taught it but he practiced it. He exemplified the spirit of fight.

Tantra emphasizes the concept of fight. Tantra is a deep subject. When I say Tantra I mean the right-hand Tantra, and that’s what Shrii Shrii Anandamurti taught.

I don’t know anything about the Western interpretation of Tantra. In the right-hand Tantra the characteristic feature is the spirit of fight. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has said,

“The main characteristic of Tantra is that it represents human vigour. It represents a pactless fight. Where there is no fight there is no sadhana (spiritual effort). Under such circumstances Tantra cannot be there, where there is no sadhana, no fight. It is an impossibility to conquer a crude idea and to replace it by a subtle idea without a fight. It is not at all possible without sadhana. Hence, Tantra is not only a fight, it is an all-round fight.”

Anandamurti’s concept of spiritual practice (sadhana) includes the social life as well. He taught us the principle of “transform yourself, transform society.” He also talked about “sadvipra”s, true intellectuals of the future who would be moral leaders. Priests, idealistic politicians, journalists and academic intellectuals do not meet the definition. Sadvipras would be well-rounded moral fighters capable of dealing with the problems confronting humanity. Sadvipras would combine the skills of an intellectual with the skills of a businessman and have the courage of a soldier.

“To establish the heavenly kingdom in this world, those with tireless cosmic ideation have to fight within themselves the devil of their own weaknesses and defects. But remember this “devil” is not your goal, so you are not to think of it. Whatever the obstacle in this march to the Great – there will be no compromise with it. That is why I say, this is the path of bravery, this is not the path of crudeness – and there is no place in it for cowardice. The aspirant will have to go on fighting endlessly, without pause.”
(“Brahmabhava and Human Life”)

“Problems will not be solved only by making a useless fuss over them. Only the spirit to fight against all odds can solve the problems confronting humanity. March ahead and wage war against all difficulties, all impediments. Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and encumbrances cannot be more powerful than your capacity to solve them. You are the sons and daughters of the great Cosmic Father. Be sadvipras and make others also sadvipras.”
(“The Future of Civilization”)

“Sadvipras will have no rest, ever. A time will never come in the life of a sadvipra when he or she will relax in an arm chair and say, “Ah, I have nothing to do today. Let me rest awhile.” In this first phase of human history, the sadvipra society has not yet formed itself. In the absence of a sadvipra society the social cycle is moving on its natural round. In every age, the government of the predominant class becomes exploitative, and thereafter comes evolution or revolution. For lack of sadvipras’ assistance, the foundation of human society is lacking firmness. Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay. These sadvipras will work for the good of all countries, for the all-around emancipation of all humanity.”
(Human Society II, 132)

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