Intuitional Science (5) – Attributional Capacity

Consciousness cannot be confined. Yet, as part of the Cosmic Drama, Consciousness allows itself to be qualified by its creative principle. The qualification of Consciousness can also be described using the terms of constriction, concealment, or subjectivation. All these terms describe an identity forming process.  The limiting, binding, localizing, encircling, internalizing force of the creative principle forms a center, a nucleus. This center is the Cosmic Soul.

Consciousness cannot be confined. Any confinement or qualification of Consciousness will result in the replication of the center and emanation/objectivation from those replicated centers. The original center and its replications are references to the whole.

The center cannot hold the infinite potential forever. Consciousness will express itself in a different way as an orthogonal flow coming out from the center. Let’s refer to this expression as objectivation. Subjectivation is always followed by objectivation.

In the Neo-Platonist philosophy objectivation is known as emanation. In my opinion objectivation/emanation from the Cosmic Soul should be described as life. Transformation of infinite possibilities into infinite actualities should be the definition of Cosmic Life. By this definition the entire Cosmos is a living entity.

Consciousness eventually returns to its original (unqualified) state. Each of those replicated centers (souls) will experience life and eventually discover their true identity.

Nirguna Brahma (Absolute Unqualified Consciousness, ultimate reality beyond any description, infinite ocean of love and bliss) is dimensionless because it is the Nameless beyond any mental description.

Saguna Brahma (Qualified Consciousness, Everlasting Life, Cosmic Life, Living God)  has infinite dimensions.

Within Saguna Brahma emanations proceeed in stages. At each stage a dimensional reduction occurs. Emanated realm has smaller number of dimensions compared to the higher realm. The reduction in dimensions is compensated by the increase in attributes. At each successive emanation there are more attributes.

In this article the emphasis is on a conservation law that was rarely mentioned in the literature. This principle needs more attention and serious exploration.  We could refer to this principle as the “conservation of attributional capacity.”

In later stage emanations, at the level of the physical universe, for example, this principle is easier to discuss.

  • Big-Bang is an example of objectivation/emanation.
  • Big-Bang emerged from a higher dimensional realm (String/M-theory space-time, or the “bulk” mentioned in the Brane theories, or the “Cosmic Citta” mentioned in Eastern philosophy)
  • During Big-Bang a subset of the “bulk” dimensions expanded and became large dimensions known to us as the 3-dimensional space. Brane cosmologies would describe these large dimensions as  “3-brane within the bulk”.
  • The 3-dimensional space has smaller number of dimensions (degrees of freedom) but it has more attributes (different fields and particle types). The higher dimensional realm has the so called “unified field” and by definition only 1 kind of particle.
  • To repeat, the emanated realm has smaller number of dimensions but higher number of attributes.
  • It seems that the emanation process converts dimensions (degrees of freedom) into attributes (different types of fields and their corresponding particles).
  • Attributes can also be described as complexity. Emanation process increases complexity.
  • Since attributes also mean multiplicity, we can conclude that complexity cannot develop without multiplicity. We have strong evidence for this from science. Unified field embedded in the higher-dimensional space is simple. Symmetry-breaking (emanation) creates the multiplicity of different fields and particles and prepares the ground for the emergence of complexity. From biology we know that the complexity requires the existence of multiple atoms and molecules. Biological organisms and the evolution of those organisms cannot proceed without the biological and physical diversity.
  • It is hard to describe the conserved quantity here but let’s refer to it as the “attributional capacity.” Even though the unified field is simple it has the potential for diversity and complexity. As the emanation proceeds, as a result of the symmetry-breaking (qualification of the unified field) the attributes manifest. This comes at the expense of dimensional freedom.
  • (attributional capacity = dimensions + attributes) is conserved during emanations

As always, these thoughts have been inspired by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. He said:

“Thus we find that the stronger the bondage, the cruder the thing becomes with the origination of more attributes. Due to external static pressure, the number of attributional peculiarities increases, but not the attributional capability.” [1]

I have to say that the same thing happens in the trans-personal and social spheres. As we lose our freedom as individuals or as societies, we develop more complexes and more problems.

The opposite is true as well. We gain freedom by overcoming our complexes and transcending our attributes.

[1] Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, “Concept of Gunabhivyakti and Jadasphota” published in Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 33.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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