What is your law?

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What questions are you asking yourself?

The 2004 Edge question was: What is your law?

I have multiple laws: The first one below has been mentioned by countless people throughout history.

1. Unity of Being: There is only ONE Being.

2. I love therefore I am.

3. Concealment or constriction of consciousness creates life.

4. Subjectivation is always followed by objectivation.

5. There are 3 fundamental variables in the Cosmos and there is a conservation law for them.

6. The 3 fundamental variables are coupled pair-wise.

7. The primordial generator is symbolically represented by the golden equation:                    g – 1/g =1

Unity of Being

Multiple realms (physical, mental and spiritual) within the Cosmos including all the physical universes and the infinite number of unit consciousnesses are transformations or internal reflections of this ONE Being which is sometimes referred to as Consciousness (Purusha in Sanskrit).

Trying to understand the vastness of Consciousness in intellectual terms will eventually drive anyone to insanity. Consciousness can only be experienced in terms of Divine Love.

I love therefore I am

By thinking I know that my mind exists.
By loving I know that my soul exists.

Concealment or constriction of consciousness creates life

Consciousness cannot be confined. Any temporary confinement will result in the multiplication/replication of the confinement center (nucleus or identity) and consciousness will eventually return to its original (unqualified) state. Each of those replicated centers (souls) will eventually objectivate and experience life. This applies to the Cosmic Soul (Macrocosm) as well as its replications (microcosms or individual souls).

Subjectivation is always followed by objectivation

Let’s define subjectivation as the identity forming process. When the reality (consciousness, field, substance, potential, etc.) is mapped to a point by a limiting, binding, localizing, encircling, internalizing force a center is formed. This center is the identity. The center point cannot hold the reality. The reality will express itself in a different way as an orthogonal flow coming out from the center. Let’s refer to this flow or expression from the identity point as objectivation.  Subjectivation is always followed by objectivation. The internalized (subjectivated) reality at the newly formed center is expressed (objectivated) in stages or in time. If the internalized (subjectivated, referenced, localized) reality is infinite then the unfolding process will never end. The objectivation flow is a relative reality. The flow emerging from the nucleus is orthogonal to the nucleus-forming force (curvature).  That which emerges from the singularity (nucleus, center) is not contained in the singularity. The nucleus or singularity is a “reference” or a “name” of the reality. The objectivation comes with multiplicity. The flow from the nucleus forms multiple units or wavelengths. The flow from the nucleus can also be described as evolution. The objectivation flow does not dissipate the identity. The nucleus exists during objectivation. The flow continues as long as the nucleus exists.

Conservation law of 3 gunas

A process can be represented by a vector of 3 fundamental variables (S,R,T) whose trajectories always remain on a Steiner’s Roman surface.  The totality SRT is strictly conserved.  The zero vector  (0,0,0) is  not possible. The S is also known as Sattvaguna, R as the Rajoguna, T as the Tamoguna.

The 3 fundamental variables (gunas) can be described as tendencies or binding principles:

Sattvaguna (sentient guna): tendency for sentience, tendency for straightness, tendency towards limitlessness, tendency towards symmetry, force resisting curvatures.

Tamoguna (static guna): localizing, internalizing, limiting, symmetry breaking, curvature forming tendency

Rajoguna (mutative guna): the principle that mediates the opposing forces of the sentient and static gunas, principle of evolution, principle of energy, basis of quantum fluctuations.
The mathematical expression of the conservation law is

S R T = S^2 R^2 + R^2 T^2 + T^2 S^2 = 1

The 3 fundamental variables are coupled pair-wise

This is a very important point. There is only one geometrical structure that can model the pair-wise coupling of 3 fundamental variables: Tetrahedron. Steiner’s Roman surface is a deformed tetrahedron.


Steiner’s Roman Surface (deformed tetrahedron)

Golden Equation

The golden equation g-1/g=1 is telling us that if the primordial field is distorted it will be distorted in such a way that the manifestation and its inverse will maintain unity. There is another way of saying this: any distortion in the primordial fabric has to have a dual distortion as to leave the unity unchanged.

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