Dini’s Surface (geometry)

A surface of constant negative curvature obtained by twisting a pseudosphere is known as the Dini’s Surface. It is named after Ulisse Dini.

The parametric equations are:

x = a cos(u) sin(v)
y = a sin(u) sin(v)
z = a{cos(v) + ln[tan(v/2)]} + bu


0 <= u <= 2*pi
0 < v < pi

If we take   a=1, b=0.2, 

the figure looks like

For an interactive exploration of the Dini’s surface see the reference [1]

This version of Dini’s Surface appeared on the cover of the Graduate Study in Mathematics, Western Kentucky University

For in-depth coverage of the Dini’s Surface please refer to the references [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8].

Dini’s surface can also be found on the the excellent web site called Mathematical Imagery by Jos Leys.

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