Baba Nam Kevalam

Baba Nam Kevalam

Baba  : the Beloved,  the affectionate way to address the Parama Purusha (God, Cosmic Consciousness)

Nam : Name

Kevalam : all that exists, all there is

The explanation from Ananda Marga web site is:

Baba means “my most beloved One”, Nam means “name of” or “to identify with”, and Kevalam means “only”. So the meaning of the mantra is “My most Beloved is the only One.” The ideation is: “Everywhere I look, in everything I hear, feel, see, taste and smell, I perceive that one Supreme Consciousness which pervades all things.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti reminded us that

“The Lord is the beloved one. The Lord is called Bábá. The word Bábá comes from Sanskrit “Bapra” (Vapra). It means Loved-Beloved. “Bapra” then became “Bappa”, and then it became Bábá. It took three thousand or four thousand years for “Bapra” to become Bábá. For unit beings, the Lord is the beloved One. (Bábá Nam Kevalam). But for the lord the unit being is His Baba! When living beings will sing Bábá Nam Kevalam then the Lord will also sing, Bábá Nam Kevalam in His mind.”

from “Ideology, Goal and Devotion” published in “The Great Universe: Discourses on Society”

“It is a very personal and familiar relationship. Parama Puruśa is not a judge, nor are the individuals the accused. The relationship between Parama Puruśa and the unit beings is a sweet and familiar one. The devotees remind the pundits that their attempts are exercises in futility, and declare unambiguously that they belong to Parama Puruśa, and Parama Puruśa belongs to them. I told you something in Calcutta about the word Bábá. Bábá is derived from the Sańskrta word Vapra. Vapra-Bappá-Bábá. Vapra means “dear”. Parama Puruśa is dear to one and all, and so human beings call Him Bábá. Likewise, all created beings are dear to Parama Puruśa, so to Parama Puruśa all the created entities are Bábá. This is an unusual relationship. When the devotees sing Bábá Nám Kevalam, Parama Puruśa also sings Bábá Nám Kevalam. This means that Parama Puruśa exists because devotees exist, and devotees exist because Parama Puruśa exists. Their relationship is interdependent.”

from “To Know Him Is to Be Free from All Fetters” published in “Supreme Expression Volume 1″

You can obtain Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s publications from  Ananda Marga Books.

I can get a taste of Baba Nam Kevalam chanting by listening to this sample of kiirtans at soundcloud

You should also checkout the Innersong for Baba Nam Kevalam music. They have many kiirtan CDs. You can try their free music section as well.

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