All particles are God particles

Ever since CERN announced the discovery of a new particle behaving like the theorized Higgs boson on July 4th 2012, the phrase “God particle” went viral on the internet. Everyone is talking about the “God particle.”

Discovery of the Higgs boson has far reaching implications. This will be one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century.

We don’t yet know the properties of this new particle. We know its mass but we don’t know its intrinsic spin yet. The simplest Higgs boson is supposed to have spin=0. In fact, the spin=0 property of the Higgs boson is its most important property. CERN experiments have to measure the spin of this new particle to verify that it is indeed the Higgs boson.

The word “boson” in “Higgs boson” is a misnomer. Bosons by definition have spin=1 but the Higgs boson has spin=0. Higgs Boson is special because all other particles have spin 1/2 or spin=1. The theorized yet unobserved graviton has spin=2. The spin=0 is very special. This makes Higgs boson a very special particle.

All known (experimentally observed) elementary particles have spin=1/2 or spin=1. If CERN verifies that this new particle has spin=0 then it will be the only elementary particle that has spin=0. Composite particles can have spin=0, of course, but we are not talking about composite particles here.

All constituents of matter (fermions) have spin=1/2. All force-carrying quanta have spin=1 except for the graviton (theorized, not discovered yet) which has spin=2. This strongly suggests that gravitation is fundamentally different from the other forces (electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear interactions).

I will take this opportunity to mention my hypothesis regarding the Higgs boson. I introduced new concepts in an article titled “Prometheus and Chronos.” I claimed that Higgs boson is a zero-chirality formation of the primordial thread.

The spin=0 (zero-chirality) state is key to many mysteries in physics. Zero-chirality state effectively eliminates the time effect. Zero-chirality state is also key to the understanding of nonlocality. If my hypothesis is correct, i.e., if the Higgs boson is a zero-chirality formation of the primordial thread and if the zero-chirality state eliminates the “time effect” manifesting nonlocality then the existence of the Higgs field means that the entire universe is connected in a non-local way. This is profound!

Now, let’s talk about the title of this article. Even though the Higgs boson is very special because of its spin=0 property it is not fair to call it the God particle. All particles are God particles.

Not just the particles but the entire creation is a transformed state of Cosmic Consciousness. Higgs boson is no different in this respect. Like all particles and fields, Higgs field emerges from the primordial fabric. The primordial fabric is a formation in Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness is the ultimate reality.

Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of each entity in its entirety. The core is not a spark of divinity. The core (soul) has no separate existence. It is pointing to the whole in its entirety. Each entity from elementary particles, viruses, plants, animals, humans, solar systems, galaxies, to the entire Cosmos has a ‘reference’ to God (Cosmic Consciousness). This ‘reference’ is the soul.  Existence is not possible without this connection. Existence is not possible without the soul.

All particles are God particles.

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