Baba’s Istanbul Discourses (3): The Supreme Truth

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti visited Istanbul in 1979. I was a third year university student at that time and I did not know about him. He gave 3 lectures in English on September 14 and 15 in 1979.  I missed these special gatherings but I have read the text of the discourses countless times. I translated the Istanbul discourses into Turkish. You can find the Turkish versions in the links given at the end of this page. Baba’s Istanbul discourses have been preserved by Ananda Marga but I think that more people should read them.

The Supreme Truth

15 September 1979, Istanbul

The sentient action comes very near to Supreme Existence; it can maintain a good proximity, but cannot coincide with that Supreme Entity. The philosophy of spiritual aspirants, known as Tantra, says that he is a singular entity. Why should we say that He is a singular entity? You know, singularity and plurality are different projections of the human mind. If we say “one”, it is a particular projection. If we say “two”, it is a particular projection. If we say one hundred, it is a particular projection. So far as the tendency of projection is concerned, all projections are the same. There is neither any singularity nor any plurality. Even then the spiritual aspirants say that he is a singular entity. Why do they say this? Because when all the propensities of the mind, when all the propulsions of mind come to a particular point, and apex to singularity, one comes in contact with Him. That is why, if a numeral is to be used at all for Him, that numeral is one. He is the Supreme Controlling Faculty.

You know, whatever there is in the realm of physicality, or in the realm of ectoplasm, everything is a particular manifestation, a particular outcome of waves of a particular length. This universe is a mesh of waves of different lengths, and all these waves emanate from a particular source, a particular nucleus. That is, whatever inference is there, whenever you come in contact with any inference, that inference emanates from the Supreme Nucleus.

So, He is the controlling faculty. He is the Mahádeva, that is the Supreme Controlling Faculty. Then the spiritual aspirants know that He lies covert in each and every entity. That is, He is all-pervading because everything is of His ectoplasmic expression, everything is a creation of His inner mind. That is why He is everywhere, and in everything, within each and every pore of each and every existence. That is why the aspirants say that He lies covert in everything, He is everywhere.

You know in this world of relativity there are three fundamental factors: temporal, spatial and personal. And all our worldly activities are connected with these three fundamental factors. That is why there cannot be absolute pause or absolute speed in this universe of relativity. Whatever there is beyond the scope of relativity, the world of the manifest, is the world of non-manifestation.

He, as the expressed world, comes within the scope of human perception or human conception to some extent. I said “to some extent”, because we can come in contact with a particular length of wave – from a particular length to a particular length. If the light is too much, you cannot see. Also if it is too mild, you cannot see. If the sound is too much, you cannot hear, If the sound is too mild, you cannot hear. Your jurisdiction is from a particular wave-length to a particular wave-length. That is why I say that in this expressed world you can see, you can perceive, you can conceive, to a particular extent, not below or above the same. But, His expression is not limited, is not restricted within your jurisdiction. That is why He is all-expanding, all-pervading. When your small existential feeling tries to come in His contact you become one with Him, you lose your small individual small entity.

You know, whatever you create in your mind is just an extro-internal projection. Whatever you saw or whatever you heard, you can only recreate that thing within your mind, or you can only see that thing in your dream. Your mental objects or your mental existence is within His mind. So, if you are the seer or you are the witnessing entity, He is the Supreme Seer and Supreme Witnessing Entity. So, if you are the soul, He is the Supreme Soul. If you are the roof, He is the Supreme Roof.

Now, let us see our activities in the physical world. We do so many works, we think that we are doing so many works. Actually a man does not do anything, cannot do anything, without getting any energy from Him. You say, “I give it, I am a strong man, I am healthy man.” Where do you get that energy from? You get that energy from air, from water, from fruits, from food. Thus you are neither the creator of energy nor the owner of the energy. You take these energies with your vital energy.

You do. Doing means action. What is action? Action means change of place. This pot is here. Change the position, and we will say that an action is done. Action means change of space. So, whatever you do, you do with the vital force that you get from Him. That vital energy is not yours. If you do not take food for several days or several months or several years, you won’t be able to do anything. If you undergo fasting for, say, two or three months, you won’t be able to speak, you won’t be able to express yourself in any way. This is what your strength is. You are solely dependent on his grace. So, actually the owner of everything is Parama Puruśa, and the Supreme Doer of each and every action is that Parama Puruśa. He is the Supreme Fountain of all energies.

What about your abode? Each and every created being, may it be physical, liquid, gaseous or ethereal, requires some shelter. You are in Calcutta, your shelter is the city of Calcutta. You cannot remain without any shelter. No created being can remain without any shelter. Calcutta also requires some shelter. The shelter of Calcutta is the State of Bengal. And, what is the shelter of Bengal? The country of India. And, what is the shelter of India? The continent of Asia. And, what is the shelter of Asia? This globe, this earth. And, what is the shelter of this earth? The solar system. And, what is the shelter of the solar system? The Parama Puruśa, the Supreme factor, is the shelter of the solar system. So, He is the Supreme Shelter.

Each and every action gets recognition when it is witnessed by something. Witnessing entity means reflecting and or refracting plate. Without this reflection or refraction no action is recognized. While you see something, the light that comes from that object gets reflected in your mind, and touches a particular point of your nerve cells, and then only you feel that you are seeing something.

Similarly, whatever is being done here, a reflection is being made on the Cosmic Body, the Cosmic Body being just like a reflecting plate. He is the reflecting plate, the witness of all the works and all the deeds done in this universe. Nothing is secret for Him. You cannot do anything, or you cannot think anything without His existence, with being witnessed by Him. If you think that you are not being witnessed by anybody, then and there He will witness this external utterance of yours, that the boy says, “I am not being witnessed by anybody.” The final assurance, the Supreme assurance to a created entity, given by Him, and will be given by Him forever, is that as a witnessing entity, He is always with you.

Your mental strength will be increased a thousandfold because you are always with the Supreme Entity. The Supreme Entity is always with you to help you, and this is the first and the greatest merit of this fact, of this Supreme Veracity. The only demerit is, as He is always with you, you cannot do anything secretly; you will be caught red-handed. But, the merit is, that because He is with you, you are never alone, you are never weak. You are never helpless. So, the duty of a perfect person, the duty of a spiritual aspirant is always to remember this Supreme Truth, that he or she is never alone. You are always with your Supreme Father, who will always help you, and will always accelerate the speed of your progress.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

“The Supreme Truth” was originally published in English in Ánanda Vacanámrtam 14,

Ananda Marga Publications

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