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In my previous post titled “Model of a Model,” I mentioned that I was going to write a post on the many interpretations of the quantum mechanical wavefunction. It turned out to be quite a project. It will be a major article and I will use it in my second book but it will take time to complete.

In the mean time, following my own principle of disseminating ideas in a timely manner, I wanted to publish my latest notes.

Today, I want to take you to an article I wrote almost two years ago. It was titled “Intuitional Science (5) – Attributional Capacity. In that article I mentioned an interesting conservation law.

attributional capacity = dimensions + attributes

What is dimension? The best way to describe the concept of dimension is to express it as a “degree of freedom.” You can also take a look at my essay titled “What is Dimension?”

What is an attribute? Think of an elementary particle. An electron for example, has mass, electric charge and spin. These are attributes. Before the electron came into existence, these attributes existed in a different form that may be characterized as dimensions. Certain dimensions (degrees of freedom) of the primordial fabric were converted into particle attributes. The conversion implies the existence of a particle or localization in external space. In the process of conversion of dimensions into attributes the external space (space-time-matter) comes into existence.

In the process of the divine transformation of the infinite potential of Consciousness (Nirguna Brahma, Infinite Existence, Absolute Being) into infinite life (Saguna Brahma, Living God, Cosmos), there is a steady reduction in the number dimensions of the Saguna Brahma but also a steady increase in the number of attributes at each stage.

Nirguna Brahma is dimesionless. It is beyond any description including concepts such as “dimension” or “attribute.”

Saguna Brahma, on the other hand, has an infinite number of dimensions. As the Cosmos and the physical universe within the Cosmos are formed, the number of dimensions decreases and the number of attributes increases. This happens in a precise fashion as to conserve the totality of dimensions and attributes. I call this totality “attributional capacity.”

In certain parts of the Cosmos, as more attributes appear, less dimensions will remain to be converted. At the end of this conversion process we may envision the situation where we have a single dimension left. At that stage of divine transformation, Consciousness is at its most condensed form.

So what happens when there is only 1 dimension left? The extroversion (the centrifugal force of divine transformation which is the result of Prakrti’s loving act of subjectivation/binding of Consciousness) stops when there is only 1 dimension left. That remaining dimension cannot be converted into “zero dimension.”

Note that “zero dimension” is not the same thing as “dimensionless.” Nirguna Brahma is dimensionless but Saguna Brahma has uncountable number of dimensions. Saguna Brahma at its most condensed state may have only 1 dimension left but that final dimension cannot be condensed any further because zero dimensional state is not possible. Zero degrees of freedom is not possible.

The 1-dimensional state of Consciousness is probably the “string” that physicists have been discussing in the last 40 years. String Theory says that the basis of space-time-matter is a fundamental vibration called “string.”

There is another interpretation in my opinion. That remaining dimension that cannot be converted into an attribute could be the time-dimension.

Whether we call it “string” or ‘time-dimension” we know that it vibrates. The very word “vibration” implies time-dimension, by the way. This is also the origin of quantum-mechanical behavior. In my recent pieces (Jadasphota for example), I have been advancing the notion that Consciousness cannot be confined for long and it always escapes bondage through life and mind. Quantum mechanical nature is an escape mechanism for Consciousness and as such the quantum mechanical nature is the first expression of life in the physical universe. The vibration of the 1-dimensional state of the primordial fabric is the beginning point of the Cosmic Bounce where the divine transformation starts a new phase and evolves in a way that can be best described as the maximization of the expression of Consciousness.

Regarding the manifestation of the quantum mechanical behavior I would like add few more comments. During the first phase of the divine transformation before the Cosmic Bounce, if the dimensional reduction (increase of attributes) is not energetically possible then quantum mechanical behavior will emerge, otherwise momentum towards crudification (more attributes) will continue. Static guna’s binding (centrifugal force or Prakriti’s binding action) will keep the pressure on dimensional reduction (pressure towards manifestation of attributes).

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