Mystery of Mount Ararat

Mt. Ararat is shrouded in mystery. The legends of the Great Deluge and Noah’s Ark contributed to the mystery but there are other reasons.

It is understandable that human imagination runs wild when it comes to Mt. Ararat because it is so majestic at an elevation of 5137 meters (16854 ft). It is visible from 4 different countries: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. It is located within the borders of Turkey and it is known as Ağrı Dağı in Turkish.

The history of civilization in the area goes back at least 12 thousand years. The long history complicates the human affairs. The suffering of the peoples of this land is palpable. It is a shame!

The current geopolitics of this area is also very complicated. There are too many interested parties.

Humans were always fascinated by volcanic mountains. There is a connection between the human psyche and volcanoes. It is a very emotional relationship. This may partially explain why strange phenomena are witnessed near the volcanic mountains.

The majestic Mount Ararat still keeps its secrets from us.

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