Sensitive subject among scientists: new mega prizes

phys_chem_nobel_medalLast year several new science prizes were launched. The monetary awards are much bigger than the Nobel Prize. Zeeya Merali wrote an interesting article about this in the Nature journal.

This is a sensitive subject among the scientists because most scientists have very modest salaries. The star scientists get recognition and much higher salaries. Now the star scientists are becoming multi-millionaires too. Some scientists claim that this is deepening the divide between the “haves” and the “have-not”s in science.

In my opinion the new prizes are good for science. All recipients of these prizes truly deserve the recognition and the money. It is hard to put monetary value on their contributions. The new prizes will attract more students to science.

Fundamental Physics Prize

Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences 

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Tang Prize

LHC_FFP_winnersImage credit

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