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This is a re-post from the Knol archives. As I shift gears and get ready to write on Neohumanism I thought I should move some of the more eccentric items from my Knol archive to this blog before I move on to more serious subjects. Like all researchers I caught the Egypt bug at some point in my life and have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to decipher the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians. I don’t think it was a waste of time. I had great fun and learned a lot. But, now, I leave all esoteric subjects behind. There are more urgent issues. I will focus more on physics as well as RU and Neohumanism.


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Robert M. Schoch and Robert A. McNally wrote a comprehensive book on pyramids of ancient Egypt. This book [1] is the most complete resource to start learning about Egyptian pyramids and the pyramid lore. The book includes a long list of bibliography and many appendices on related subjects. The appendix titled “Selected Theories as to the Meaning and Purpose of the Great Pyramid” is a good collection of existing theories put forward so far. I will simply list them here. For details you should read the book.

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  • Tomb Theory
  • Public Works Project
  • Surveying Point
  • Calendar and Almanac
  • Standard of Measures
  • Solar Temple
  • Pyramidology and the Great Pyramid as a Proof of God
  • Encoding of Mathematical, Astronomical, and Geodesic Data
  • The Great Pyramid as Time Capsule and Symbol of Creation
  • Pyramid Physics
  • Power Plant Theories
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • The Great Pyramid as a Water Pump
  • Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation of Earth
  • Prophecies
  • Site of Initiation and Sacred Mysteries
  • Ritual Send-Off of the Pharaoh to the Stars
  • The Tarot and the Great Pyramid
  • The Kabbalah and the Great Pyramid
  • The Great Pyramid as a Resonance Machine or a Giant Musical Instrument
  • The pyramids in general served as barriers against the desert sands
  • The Great Pyramid is a copy of, or possibly the same base dimensions as, the Tower of Babel
  • The Great Pyramid was built to preserve knowledge in the wake of the Deluge.
  • The Great Pyramid was built by Atlanteans to preserve their knowledge and heritage for posterity (with perhaps a Hall of Records under or near the Great Pyramid)
  • The Great Pyramid was constructed after the Deluge as a memorial to the incident
  • The Great Pyramid has been considered a phallic symbol.

I have no theory but pyramids remind me volcanic mountains.

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[1]  Robert M. Schoch and Robert A. McNally, “Pyramid Quest“, Penguin (2005),
ISBN 1-58542-405-6

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