Relative Truth is Objective

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What is relative truth? Cosmos is the relative truth. The term “relative” refers to the derivative nature of the Cosmos.

Is there an absolute truth? Yes, there is. Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness with capital “C”) is the absolute truth. Cosmos is transformed Consciousness.

Human mind cannot comprehend the absolute truth. Words are very limiting. We don’t even know what “absolute” means.  We use the word “absolute” as a contrast to the word “relative.” We understand “relative” because we live in it and we try to get a glimpse of the “absolute” by transcending the “relative” through meditation, poetry and music.

Cosmos is an objective reality. The term “objective” means that it exists whether we think it exists or not. It exists whether we observe it or not. Cosmos exists independent of our perception or awareness.

It is so sad that some philosophers in India confused people few centuries ago. They said that Cosmos is an illusion implying that Cosmos exists in our perception only. They actually meant that Cosmos is transformed Consciousness but they were not careful with their words. This error had serious consequences for India.

This is a very important point. If this world is an illusion, then why care about it?  The attitudes toward life and the world can be quite different if you think the world is an illusion.

If any school of philosophy claims that this world is an illusion, then that philosophy is defective. Cosmos is the ‘relative truth’ which is transformed Consciousness. It may be transformed but it is still Consciousness. Impermanent? Yes. Illusion? No. The word ‘illusion’ is not acceptable because it implies that the world is just a thought in the human mind. This concept is obviously defective and detrimental to the development of humanity. Cosmos is the ‘relative truth’ that is transformed Consciousness. It may be transformed into physical reality, but it is still Consciousness.

The world may be a ‘dream’ or a ‘thought’ in the Mind of God (Cosmic Mind) but it is certainly not a dream in the human mind.  Nothing is outside of the Cosmic Mind so the thoughts of the Cosmic Mind are real for us. What we see and feel around us, including our own body and mind, are forms of transformed Consciousness ordered and organized by the Cosmic Mind.

Cosmic Mind organizes the Eternal Life. Entire Cosmos is a thought in the Cosmic Mind. Physical reality is a mental projection of the Cosmic Mind. All manifestation is internal to the Cosmic Mind but the individual minds within the Cosmic Mind perceive these cosmic thought vibrations as physical particles, as physical worlds. This is the meaning of “relative truth.” Universe is a relative truth.

The objective world exists independent of us. We are not creating objects by witnessing them; they are already there, being witnessed and substantiated by the Cosmic Soul through the Cosmic Mind.

Objective does not mean physical necessarily

The term “objective” does not imply “physical” necessarily. Cosmos is not entirely physical.  There are spiritual, mental and physical realms of Cosmos. Physical realm is the densest form of transformed Consciousness.

Cosmos is not necessarily physical but Cosmos is still objective. Cosmos is objective by definition. Transformation of Consciousness is an objectivation process. If you are interested in more philosophical discussion regarding subjectivation and objectivation you can take a look at Definitions and Summary of Soul Monism and the article titled A Fundamental Principle.

Beauty is physical, mental and spiritual at the same time

Beauty is part of the Cosmos. Beauty is physical, mental and spiritual at the same time. Cosmos as a whole is very much like the Beauty. It is physical, mental and spiritual at the same time.

Cosmos is a stage in Divine Progression

Instead of using thousand words I will simply remind you about the stages of the divine progression (Brahmacakra). The arrow indicates a transformation.

Absolute Being (Godhead, Nirguna Brahma, Consciousness)  —>  Divine Center (Cosmic Soul, Cosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusha, Cosmic Self)  —>  Transformed Consciousness (Saguna Brahma, Reality, Eternal Life, Living God, Yah, Haq)  —>  Cosmic Mind (Mind of God)  —> Cosmos (spiritual, mental, physical realms)  —> Cosmic Citta (primordial fabric)  —>  space-time-matter  —> galaxies —> planets —> organisms —> individual mind (encapsulating the individual soul which is a reflection of the Cosmic Soul) —> expansion of the individual mind  —> merger of the individual mind with the Cosmic Mind  —>  identification of the individual soul with the Cosmic Soul  —> Absolute Being

Cosmos is a stage in this divine progression. Cosmos came into being before humans therefore it exists independent of human beings. Cosmos is not an illusion.

Consciousness cannot be an illusion because it is the ultimate reality. If Consciousness is not an illusion the ‘Transformed Consciousness’ is not an illusion either.

Why do we use the word “relative?”

basicwavesjavafigure1I will use the example of electromagnetism to demonstrate the meaning of ‘relative truth is objective.’

What is the origin of magnetic field? We know that moving charges create a magnetic field. We know that the intrinsic motion (spin) of the charged particles create magnetic field too. In fact, the intrinsic motion (spin) generates stronger magnetic fields.

Motion – external or intrinsic – is necessary for the appearance of the magnetic field. When there is motion there is relativity. Physicists say that magnetic field is a relativistic effect.

Magnetic field is more mysterious than people think. We have a beautiful theory of electromagnetism (Maxwell equations, Lorentz force, Theory of Relativity) which is very precise but we still don’t understand what electric charge is and what magnetic field is. I will write more on this subject.

Magnetic field is mysterious but it is very real and a big part of our daily lives. Earth’s magnetic field protects us from deadly cosmic rays. Strong magnetic fields in MRI machines are used for medical imaging. Without the strong magnetic fields in particle accelerators we could not explore the mysteries of the universe. The entire field of particle physics is dependent on magnetic fields.

ElectromagnetismAs I said, we don’t really understand the fundamental origin of the magnetic field but we have a precise theory that explains the relationships between the observed quantities of electromagnetism. Sometimes physicists pretend that they understand the fundamental origin by saying that the answer is in the Theory of Relativity which says that the laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames of reference. The Theory of Relativity has been experimentally verified numerous times. So, the argument is this: the principle that the laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames of reference is a fundamental law more fundamental than any other law. The Theory of Relativity requires the existence of the magnetic field for consistency. I am not satisfied with this convoluted answer but it is the best answer we have so far.

If the electric charge and the field emanating from the electric charge – electric field – are primary then the magnetic field is secondary or derivative. As the physicists say the magnetic field is a relativistic effect. Magnetic field is derivative but it is very real. Magnetic field is not an illusion.

In fact, if you take a look at the article titled Concise Formulation of Maxwell Equations you will notice that the fundamental quantity seems to be \mathbf{E + i B}. So we cannot say that \mathbf{E} is primary and \mathbf{B} is derivative. The quantity \mathbf{E + i B} implies that they are both derivative on equal status. We’ll understand all this when we understand the true nature of electric charge someday.

Back to my original point. Even though the magnetic field is a relativistic (derived) effect it is very real and it is very objective.

The magnetic field is an example of the relative truth. It is not an illusion. It is objective.

Don’t be confused by the “observer” concept in physics

The Theory of Relativity cannot be explained without mentioning observers. This applies to Quantum Mechanics too. We cannot discuss Quantum Mechanics without observers either. Do not be confused by some of the statements of Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. There are many subtleties regarding the role of observers in physical phenomena but don’t forget that at the most fundamental level the physical universe is observed and witnessed (substantiated) by the Cosmic Soul through the Cosmic Mind. Never forget this. So many futile discussions take place because everyone seems to forget this fundamental fact.

The magnetic field exists independent of our observation as long as the motion continues. Whether any individual observer observes the motion or not the magnetic field will be there. Magnetic field is objective.

Relative truth (Cosmos) is objective because the entire Cosmos is witnessed (substantiated) by the Cosmic Soul through the Cosmic Mind.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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