Anatolian School in the Philosophy of Science

Thales of MiletusThere is an ancient tradition of Natural Philosophy in Anatolia. This tradition goes back 2600 years to Thales of Miletus (image on the left) and Anaximander of Miletus.

In the 20′th century the ancient tradition transformed itself into Philosophy of Science which found a fertile ground in Anatolia. Hans Reichenbach immigrated to Turkey escaping from Nazi persecution in Germany and taught at Istanbul University between 1933 and 1938 prior to his immigration to United States.

After Reichenbach important philosophers of science emerged in Turkey. The history of this development and the fine examples of writing from the contemporary Turkish/Anatolian philosophers of science can be found in the book

Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, Springer (2005), G. Irzık & G. Güzeldere (eds)


The following is a limited list of notable philosophers of science from Turkey:

Cemal Yıldırım (1925 – 2009)

Turkish philosopher, author, educator, and researcher. He was a prolific author, having written 15 books (4 in English and 11 in Turkish) and numerous academic papers.

He has written extensively on the Philosophy of Science and History of Science. His popular books “Bilimin Öncüleri” (Pioneers of Science”) and “Evrim Kuramı ve Bagnazlık” (Theory of Evolution and Dogmatism) were widely read and discussed in Turkey. His book titled “Matematiksel Düşünme” (Mathematical Thinking) was also very influential.

He must have inspired his son Cem Yıldırım to become a mathematician. Cem Yalçın Yıldırım made important contributions to number theory.

Yalçın Koç

He is the most interesting personality among the contemporary Turkish philosophers of science. I wrote a separate post about him: Yalçın Koç the philosopher physicist.

Ionna Kuçuradi

Murat Aydede

Arda Denkel

Berent Enç

Teo Grünberg

Güven Güzeldere

Ilhan Inan

Gürol Irzık

Berna Kılınç

Umit Yalçın

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