Prabhata Samgiita

AnandamurtiPrabhat Ranjan Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti) composed 5018 songs including the lyrics and the tunes in 8 years. He composed the first song “Bandhu he niye calo” on 14 September 1982 at Deoghar, India. He continued composing songs until his death on 21 October 1990. The last song, “Ámrá gaŕe nova gurukul”, was composed on 20 October 1990, one day before his death.

The collection of these 5018 songs is known as Prabhata Samgiita. These beautiful songs written in eight languages including Hindi, Sanskrit ,English, Bengali, and Urdu express the spiritual feelings and universality of the human heart.

The Sankrit word “samgiita” has two different spellings in Bengali, there is no fix transliteration rule for most Indian languages, there are also different transcription conventions used in English for Indian languages, the Sanskrit pronunciation has an “a” at the end of both words, which is normally silent in Bengali and Hindi.

Prabhata Samgiita etymologically means “morning song” or “songs of dawn”. It has also been interpreted as “songs of a new dawn”. Remember that “Prabhat” is the first name of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Prabhata Samgiita also means Brabhat’s songs.

There is a website dedicated to Prabhata Samgiita

You can get a taste of these spiritually elevating songs from

There is an article that explains Prabhata Samgiita in the context of Indian music.

Translation of poetry has always been challenging. The sweetness and the intensity of feelings are lost in translation. Translators have done a good job. Please take a look at the translations given in the link below.

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