No space, no time, just events

No space, no time, just events! This is not necessarily my view of the world but it sounds familiar. According to the ancient wisdom traditions there is an abstract world and the physical world is a just a shadow of the abstract world.

The world view advocated by the proponents of “Information Physics” is sounding more and more like an ancient wisdom tradition. I take “Information Physics” very seriously.

I will single out Kevin H. Knuth among the information physicists. He and his collaborators are deriving quantum mechanics and special relativity from information-theoretic postulates. They have replaced space and time with events and the ordering of events.

The conceptual problems do not go away, however. They have to explain what an “event” is.

Kevin H. Knuth and Newshaw Bahrenyi, “A Derivation of Special Relativity from Causal Sets

Abstract: “We present a novel derivation of special relativity based on the information physics of events comprising a causal set. We postulate that events are fundamental, and that some events have the potential to receive information about other events, but not vice versa. This leads to the concept of a partially-ordered set of events, which is called a causal set. Quantification proceeds by selecting two chains of coordinated events, each of which represents an observer, and assigning a valuation to each chain. Events can be projected onto each chain by identifying the earliest event on the chain that can be informed about the event. In this way, each event can be quantified by a pair of numbers, referred to a pair, that derives from the valuations on the chains. Pairs can be decomposed into a sum of symmetric and antisymmetric pairs, which correspond to time-like and space-like coordinates. From this pair, we derive a scalar measure and show that this is the Minkowski metric. The Lorentz transformations follow, as well as the fact that speed is a relevant quantity relating two inertial frames, and that there exists a maximal speed, which is invariant in all inertial frames. All results follow directly from the Event Postulate and the adopted quantification scheme.”

Other important papers by Kevin H. Knuth

Kevin H. Knuth, “Information Physics: The New Frontier

Kevin H. Knuth and John Skilling, “Foundations of Inference

Philip Goyal, Kevin H. Knuth, John Skilling, “Origin of Complex Quantum Amplitudes and Feynman’s Rules

Kevin H. Knuth, “The Origin of Probability and Entropy

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