English dictionaries define ideation as the process of forming ideas. This word is not very popular in the English language. For reasons that I cannot fathom, the word “ideation” acquired negative connotations in the English language.

The Sanskrit word “bhava” is sometimes translated into English as “ideation.” If you take a look at the Sanskrit dictionaries you will get the following synonyms for bhava : spirit, manner, sentiment, emotion.

There are many Sanskrit words derived from bhava. Don’t be confused by those. I am referring to bhava as it relates to a deep feeling or sentiment. My understanding of ideation (bhava) is that it is a feeling involving intense love and devotion.

In Sanskrit bhava also means “reactive momentum,” as the factor causing rebirth. It is true that any deep feeling causes attachment. There is no doubt that ideation will cause attachment. So, choosing the object of ideation is very important.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti used the word “ideation” very frequently in his discourses. He emphasized the practice of ideation on God. He said that the only object of ideation should be God (Brahma, Parama Purusha). By this he meant that the only attachment that does NOT lead to rebirth is the attachment to God.

He gave such importance to the word “ideation” that he made it a part of Ananda Sutram.

Sutra 3-12 says: [Devotion is ideation on God, not flattery of God or ritualistic worship.]

Other quotes by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti regarding ideation on God:

“It is said that spiritual practice or Brahma sadhana is the superior form of sadhana. The next best is the practice of concentration and meditation, even where there is no cosmic ideation. But when sadhana is based on the internal urge to attain the Supreme Entity, it is called Brahmasadhana or absolute spirituality. In the absence of cosmic ideation spiritual practice cannot be called absolute. Where there is no internal urge to attain Parama Purusha, the so-called spiritual practice or sadhana is nothing but the observance of a set of mechanical gestures and postures.”  – Discourse: Ideation on Brahma

“Your every action should be with the Supreme Ideation. Without Him, all your actions are as nothing, no matter how great they may seem. Yet if you do even a little with His ideation, you will have done a great deal. He is like the number one and your actions are like zeros to the One; it is like multiplying by ten with each action. But if that One is not there, your zeros are added to each other, and the net result is only zero. So go on multiplying; do not let all be zero. You have taken a human form to realize Him: let not your life be wasted.”  – Book: Baba’s Grace

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