Electronic Edition of the Works of P.R.Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti)

AnandamurtiPrabhat Ranjan Sarkar (May 21, 1921 – October 21, 1990), also known by his spiritual name Shrii Shrii Anandamurti was one of the highest expressions of Universal Teacher in human history. He was the founder of Ananda Marga.

He was a polymath: writer, philosopher, scientist, music composer, social theorist, and spiritual leader.

He wanted to be known as Baba which means father, of course, but Baba also means  “my most beloved One.”

Those of us who appreciate his Universal Teacher personality sometimes forget that he was a writer too.  He talked about so many things and has written on so many varied subjects. I get overwhelmed with emotion when I try to describe the vastness of the written treasure he left behind.

Ananda Marga has done a diligent job of preserving, translating and editing his written work but unfortunately they have been very slow in presenting this work to the world. I am not involved in the preservation and editing process. I translated a tiny portion of his writing into Turkish. I will continue my translation effort.

At this point, Ananda Marga is more concerned with global service projects and teaching Baba’s meditation to people and personally guiding their spiritual progress. It seems to me that teaching Baba’s spiritual philosophy is not the first priority. This is a mistake in my opinion. The common opinion among margiis (persons who love and respect Baba) is that Yoga is 10% philosophy 90% practice. I accept that but to be effective in the modern world we cannot neglect the spiritual philosophy.

Among the great sages in history Shrii Shrii Anandamurti is also distinguished for his rational explanations of spirituality. Some consider rationality and spirituality contradictory. If you read his body of work you will realize that rational thought and spirituality can co-exist. We need to present this side of Baba to the world.

I have an electronic version of Baba’s written discourses and books in English. You can get it from InnerSong


This CD contains all of the books by P.R. Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti) originally in English or translated into English as of October, 2009. The collection includes 1271 articles from 138 books, all in the latest editions including a few articles that have not yet been published in book form. This seventh edition contains a search engine and tools for locating and displaying text as well as many corrections of typos and formatting. This is the ideal tool for writers, translators, teachers and those who wish to study the philosophy of P.R. Sarkar.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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