Observing Ego

This is the first article in my “ego” series. Please see the index for a list of the other posts in this series.

I have a feeling that the visual expressions of spiritual surrender bothers people. More accurately, ego is bothered.

I wrote a post titled spiritual surrender but I did not make it clear in that post how difficult the spiritual surrender is.

Much has been said about ego. I can write pages about ego too but I will skip all philosophy today and mention a practical method of ego training: observing ego. Tomorrow, I hope to say few words on “knowing ego” as opposed to “observing ego.”

It is a good practice to be conscious of the ego-speak which goes on something like this:

“I want respect,”  “I want success,”  “I want to be famous,” “I deserve a better title,”  “I deserve a higher salary,”  “I deserve an office,”  “I want to be visible,”  “I am not appreciated,”  “I want a better job,” “I want to drive a better car,”  “I want more money,”  “I want to be with someone better,”  “I want to eat the best food,”  “I want pleasure,”  “I want to travel,”  “I want to meet interesting people,”  “I want to live in a better house,”  “I want to live in a better neighborhood,”  “I want more readers,”  “I need love,”  “I need romance,”  “I need attention.”

There is positive ego-speak too:

“I want to change the world,”  “I want to make a difference,” “I want to help people,”  “I want to express myself,”  “I want to create art,” “I want to compose music,”  “I want to make people laugh.”

Even “I want enlightenment” is ego-speak.

Ego is strong. You cannot fight ego. The first step in soul attainment is to be aware of the silly ego-speak. Just observe your ego from a higher ground. Laugh at the silly conversation that goes on all day. This is the first step.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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