David R. Hawkins on Causality

This is my fourth post in the “causality” series. The first three were:

I think that the following question and answer by  David R. Hawkins [1] is worth considering. His views provide contrast to the views expressed in my earlier posts in the “causality” series.

Q. “We note that your lectures always start with the same opening statement, ‘Everything is happening of its own; nothing is causing anything else.”

A. “The belief in linear causality is a basic axiom of the whole structure of the ego/mind dualistic belief system. To see through that illusion is the most important and greatest leap available for getting closer to comprehending Reality. It is critical to grasp that the illusion of linear causality as an explanation for the observed phenomena of life is the major and most profound limitation of thinkingness. It is the major block that cannot be transcended even by intellectual geniuses who characteristically calibrate at 499. The intellect which serves to aid the progress of civilization becomes entrenched in the psyche and becomes the major obstacle to Realization. Although causality (calibration 426) is a major illusion, it is really not a difficult one to solve once it is disassembled. Mentation, reason, logic, and language are all structured dualistically, based on the axiom that there is a subject and an object, that there is ‘this’ doing or causing a ‘that.’ Reason strives to find a connection between a witnessed phenomenon and some antecedent which is most commonly located in prior time. Logic then concludes that what precedes an event must somehow be its ’cause’ or explanation. It confuses temporal sequence with causation. The term ’cause’ is an abstract hypothesis, a tautology, an intellectualization which has no concordant substrate in reality. It is at best an operational supposition to satisfy the mind’s requirement for an ‘explanation.’ Fallacy arises out of the mind’s proclivity to ask the redundant and fatal question ‘Why?’ We have stated elsewhere that there is no ‘why’ to anything in Reality and, in fact, no ‘why’ can be answered and still stay within Reality. All answers to ‘why’ questions are intrinsically fallacious as they require a jump from verifiable observables to hypothetical suppositions which are all mentations.

Events and conditions have a source or origination but not a cause. The concept of ’cause’ limits comprehension to content only, whereas, in reality, all content is subject to context. This is the very crux of the understanding that allows consciousness to jump from 499 to 500s.

Neither God nor Truth can be found within the limitation of content only for, by simple observation, content is only definition or description whereas context supplies meaning, significance, and concordance with the reality of the existence itself. This is important to comprehend not only in spiritual work but also in everyday social and political policies.

To fail to properly contextualize content has historically been the basis for the slaughter of millions of people in every century throughout human history. To ignore context is the greatest source of catastrophe for every generation of man, and it continues on the present time with the same catastrophic consequences. There is no greater lesson that needs to be learned to reduce human suffering and bring ignorance to an end.”

[1] David R. Hawkins, “I: Reality and Subjectivity”, Veritas (2003)

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