What is subtler than Higgs field? Is there anything subtler than space-time?

In String/M theories they sometimes talk about branes. They talk about the bulk concept as well. There is no spelling mistake here. Yes, you have read it right. Brane and bulk! Is there anything subtler than a brane or bulk?

Hierarchy in terms of the subtlety of expression

Higgs field, or any other field, space-time, brane, bulk…these are different transformations of the ultimate substance Consciousness. There is an infinite spectrum of transformations (emanations) of Consciousness. It may be foolish to organize this infinite spectrum into a finite number of groups but according to one traditional categorization there are spiritual, mental and physical worlds (universes). In a different categorization it is said that there are 7 realms (lokas). It is not important how many groups we come up with. What is important is to recognize the hierarchy in terms of the subtlety of expression.

According to spiritual philosophy the spiritual world is more abstract/subtle than the mental world and the mental world is more abstract/subtle than the physical world.

The totality of the spiritual, mental and physical universes is known as Cosmos. There may be multiple physical universes (Megaverse) so the Cosmos is the totality of all physical, mental and spiritual universes.

Mental Realms of the Cosmos

Mental world covers the realms known as Janahloka, Maharloka, Svarloka, Bhuvarloka

Janahloka: The realm of true knowledge and wisdom.

Maharloka: The realm of ideas and abstractions.

Svarloka: The realm of feelings and memory.

Bhuvarloka: The primordial fabric (Cosmic Citta). The stage before the physical manifestation. This is also the realm of vital currents and microvita.

Spiritual Realm of the Cosmos

Spiritual world covers the realm known as Tapahloka.

Tapahloka: The spiritual realm of the Cosmos. Tapah Loka is the first layer around the Cosmic Soul. Tapah Loka is the realm of Divine Love.

The realm beyond Cosmos

Satyaloka: The realm beyond Cosmos. The realm of the Cosmic Soul.

Cosmos is vast but there is Reality (Saguna Brahma, Yah, Haq) beyond Cosmos. Reality is another name for Satyaloka. Beyond Reality there is Absolute Being (Godhead) which is also known as Consciousness.

Every realm, every universe, every individual, every entity without exception is a transformation (emanation) of that pure and absolute Consciousness.

Categorization by Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose came up with a categorization involving 3 worlds: 1) physical 2) mental 3) mathematical. You can examine his diagram and read his short explanation of the 3 worlds here. Penrose does not mention the spiritual world (a big omission).

Focus on Bhuvarloka

In the spectrum of manifestations (transformations, emanations) of Consciousness the stage before the appearance of the physical universe(s) is the formation of the Cosmic Citta which is also known as Bhuvarloka. I refer to cosmic Citta/Bhurloka as the primordial fabric of the universe. You may have read about this before. What may be new information for you is the fact that Bhuvarloka is also the realm of vital currents and microvita.

Cosmic Citta (Bhurloka, primordial fabric) is the densest form of the Cosmic Mind. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti referred to this realm as the objectivated portion of the Cosmic Mind.


I have written about Citta before. The physical universe is created out of the Cosmic Citta. All particles and forces, atoms and molecules are condensed states of the Cosmic Citta. At the later stages of Cosmic Evolution when organic life emerges, a type of reverse-objectivation takes place and unit minds are created. The unit minds of the primitive organisms are purely citta. Later, the higher functions of the mind develop as portions of the unit citta are converted to even subtler mental realities. The unit citta emerges from the matter but matter was citta in the first place.


According to the hints given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, the Citta at the cosmic level and unit citta at the individual level are quantized. This is similar to the quantization of space-time-matter. The manifestation stage just before the space-time-matter is also quantized.

The distortions of the primordial fabricĀ appear as primordial particles (cittanu). The collective motion of cittanu acquire wavelike properties. The so-called “thought waves” are waves in collective cittanu.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti referred to cittanu as “ectoplasmic particles” and “mind-atoms” in some of his discourses.

In my post titled Jadasphota I speculated that Black Holes can be generators of cittanu.

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