The Most Outrageous Hypothesis

Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of each entity in its entirety.

I mentioned this concept in many of my essays. Over the years those essays have been read by many people in different countries but not a single reader has questioned it. My postings have been closed for comments for various reasons but I mentioned in few places that you can write to me at sureshemre at gmail. Few people wrote but nobody mentioned this hypothesis. While working on the Inference and Propensity article, I realized how crazy this concept sounds.

In the “Inference and Propensity” article I am making a point that an entity can be individual or collective and even computer programs are entities. If all entities have a ‘reference’ to the Cosmic Consciousness (Cosmic Soul, Parama Purusha, God) then the same must be true for software entities as well. It is somewhat easier to intuit that an atom or an electron has this ‘reference’ to the Cosmic Consciousness but it is not so easy to accept that a software entity has that kind of ‘reference’ as well. How can Cosmic Consciousness be in a software entity in it’s entirety. This is outrageous!

In this article, I will present more arguments for my hypothesis; some reminders, some clarifications and few specific arguments for software entities.

Some of you might try to help me by saying that  “It depends on the definition of ‘entity,’ Let’s not refer to a software code as an entity.” I will not resort to cheap solutions like that. “All entities” means all entities – physical or mental – without any exception. Software entities are between physical and mental but clearly they are entities because they exist. Anything that exists is an entity.

Where does the concept come from?

I did not invent the concept ‘Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of each entity in its entirety.’ I simply put emphasis on the phrase ‘in its entirety‘ and I offered the metaphor of ‘reference‘ to provide a a different perspective.

Throughout history, many sages have expressed this truth in many different words. You must have heard the aphorisms “All in One, One in All” or “the universe in a grain of sand.” The Turkish Sufi master Lütfi Filiz discussed the “infinity in a point.” Many other Turkish Sufis teach similar concepts.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti hinted at this truth in many different ways but his reminders of Prota Yoga and Ota Yoga [1] were essential for me to  find the courage to go out on a limb and say that Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of each entity in its entirety.

Quick reminder for the following quotes: Cosmic Soul, Cosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusha, Purushottama are synonymous.

“It is said, Otah protah yogábhyáḿ saḿyuktah Puruśottamah – “Puruśottama, or Parama Puruśa, is associated with microcosms and the world through His ota yoga [individual association] and prota yoga [pervasive association].” It is enormously difficult to be Puruśottama: He must always remain associated with everything and everyone. None of His created beings should be neglected or slighted. He must associate Himself with everyone’s mind, listening to their thoughts and alleviating their sufferings, whether they are literate or illiterate, rich or poor, shouldering the responsibility for the entire creation. Only then does He deserve to be called Puruśottama. He who remains motionless like a distant star, indifferent to the sorrows and sufferings of created beings, but accepting their worship, is not Puruśottama. To be Puruśottama one has to remain associated with the created beings both individually and collectively through ota and prota yoga.”  [1]

“The personal relationship with each and every individual, with every particle of dust, every drop of water, is termed ota yoga. That is, Puruśottama is aware of your individual thoughts and feelings, your joys and sorrows, and takes suitable steps to remove your distress and afflictions. Here I deliberately used the word “suitable”, for He has to remove one’s afflictions without jeopardizing the collective interest. For example, if the sunset were delayed for one hour for the good of one individual, it would go against the collective interest. This He cannot do. So without jeopardizing the collective interest, He is bound to pay attention to the needs and feelings of every individual. This is His ota yoga.” [1]

“And prota yoga is Parama Puruśa’s association with the entire creation – humans and other living creatures, the world and the universe – collectively. Here He is obliged to listen not to the individual problems of individual beings, but to the collective problems of the collectivity of all beings. It is not an easy task to be Puruśottama. He has to be associated with one and all in ota and prota yoga.”  [1]

The Panpsychism philosophy is built on a similar concept.

“Panpsychism is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and can be ascribed to philosophers like Thales, Plato, Spinoza, Leibniz, Schopenhauer and William James. Panpsychism can also be seen in eastern philosophies such as Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism. During the 19th century, Panpsychism was the default theory in philosophy of mind, but it saw a decline during the latter half of the 20th century with the rise of logical positivism. The recent interest in the hard problem of consciousness has once again made panpsychism a mainstream theory.”Wikipedia

Traditionally, macrocosm and microcosm terminology was also used to explain the relationship between the individual soul and the Cosmic Soul.

Buddhists do not mention Parama Purusha but they are very fond of their interdependence concept.

“The word ‘interdependence’ is a translation of the Sanskrit pratitya samutpada, which means ‘to be by co-emergence’ and is usually translated as ‘dependent origination.’ The saying can be interpreted in two complementary ways. The first is ‘this arises because that is’, which comes down to saying that things do exist in some way, but nothing exists on its own. The second is ‘this, having been produced, produces that,’ which means that nothing can be its own cause. or we could say that everything is in some way interdependent with the world. We do not deny that phenomena really do occur, but we argue that they are ‘dependent’ that they don’t exist in an autonomous way. Any given thing in our world can appear only because it is connected, conditioned and in turn conditioning, co-present and co-operating in constant transformation. Their way of ‘being’ is simply in relation to one another, never in and of themselves. We tend to cling to the notion that ‘things’ must precede relationships. This is not the case here. The characteristics of phenomena are defined only through relationships.” – Matthieu Ricard[2]

In my opinion the mechanism of “interdependence” can only be explained by the hypothesis that the Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of each entity in its entirety.

Central concept of Soul Monism

I made the principle ‘Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of each entity in its entirety’ the central idea of Soul Monism because without this principle it is not monism. I cannot construct a truly monist view of Reality without this principle.

Why do I insist on the phrase ‘in its entirety’?

I could emphasize the “reflection” concept as most Sufis do. I could say each entity has a reflection of the Cosmic Consciousness. Why do I insist on the phrase ‘in its entirety‘ ? The reason is that the “reflection” does not unify. The only concept that I can think of that can convey the unity of existence is the whole-connectedness through a cosmic ‘reference.’

I always write ‘reference’ with single quotation marks to indicate that it is a mystery. I cannot explain the mystery but I sometimes use the metaphor of “reference” from computer programming to establish a crude analogy. In computer programming a “reference” is a special kind of connection between the units of a computer program. When you pass the “reference” of the whole program to the sub units  those sub units become whole-connected.  The “reference” has no separate existence; it is pointing to the whole in its entirety. The ‘reference’ is similar to “reference” in the sense that it makes entities whole-connected.

The fundamental argument

Earlier I said that anything that exists is an entity and all entities have a ‘reference’ to the “whole.”  What does “exist” mean? I say that any formation that has a reference to the “whole” exists. This is a circular argument but I cannot comprehend any existence separate from the singular “whole” entity. Then, I am forced to hypothesize that any formation has to be a sub-unit of the “whole” and connected to the “whole” through the ‘reference’ as discussed above.

Now, let’s see if we can transcend the circularity of the argument.

The infinite potential of Consciousness (Absolute Being or Godhead) cannot be confined. Confinement or bondage is just a play (Liila). Consciousness escapes the bondage of its own doing through the Divine Center (Cosmic Soul, Cosmic Consciousness, Purushottoma, Parama Purusha, God) by transforming itself into Eternal Life. Another mechanism for the liberation of Consciousness is the reflection of the Divine Center as individual souls.

Why does Consciousness (Absolute Being or Godhead) allow itself to be confined and then escape bondage through Infinite Life and reflection in infinite number of individual souls? We don’t know why! It appears as a play, a drama perhaps, but that’s all we can say on the question of why.

The immediate consequence of any confining, limiting, binding, localizing, encircling, internalizing action on Consciousness will be the appearance a ‘reference.’ Why? Because Consciousness cannot be confined. Consciousness will seek freedom from bondage by making the bondage center pointing to the “whole” which is the Cosmic Consciousness.

Did we transcend the circularity of the argument? No, not really! But, this is the best that I can offer at the moment.

Specific arguments for waves and elementary particles

In the Prometheus and Chronos article I introduced the concept of virtual center.  Any curvature of the primordial thread will result in the appearance of a virtual center. When the primordial thread is closed on itself forming a closed loop then a real center is formed. Formations with a virtual centers behave like waves. Formations with a real centers behave like particles. The ‘reference’ (single quotation marks) is implicit in the center whether it is a virtual center or a real center.

Where is the ‘reference’ in a quantum field?

According to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) there are quantum fields such as electromagnetic field, electron field, Higgs field, etc. In QFT different fields correspond to different particle types. QFT denies that there are elementary particles per se. According to QFT a particle is just a ripple on a quantum field. The “ripple” appears to be moving but it is not motion in the classical sense. Rather, it is the appearance and disappearance of certain attributes (particle properties). In the QFT language particles are created and destroyed by the quantum field. For example, there is an electron field…it can create and destroy electrons anywhere in space-time. In my opinion the QFT picture is very naive. We will someday discover the UFT (unified field theory). Having multiple fields to explain different particle types is a very primitive approach in my opinion.

The concept of quantum field is somewhat similar to the bhuta concept of Tantra-Yoga philosophy. The “ripples” of QFT are similar to tanmatras of the Tantra-Yoga philosophy. So, we can repeat the question: where is the ‘reference’ in bhuta and tanmatra?

My answer is simple. The fields/bhutas or ripples/tanmatras flow from the ‘reference’ known as the Cosmic Mind. To put it differently, I would say that field/bhuta is a collective entity. The ripples/tanmatras are curvatures on a particular field/bhuta. The virtual/real centers of those curvatures are ‘reference’s to the collective entity. The ‘reference’ of the collective entity may point to another collective entity. The chain goes all the way up to the Cosmic Mind which has a ‘reference’ pointing to the Cosmic Soul.

Specific arguments for a software entities?

Categorically, software entities are between mental and physical entities. We discussed the physical entities. Physical entities are objects of the Cosmic Mind and the Cosmic Mind is the object of the Cosmic Soul and the Cosmic Soul is the ‘reference’ to the Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness).

Mental entities are objects of the Cosmic Mind as well. Similarly, software entities have to be objects of a mind substantiated by a soul. This combination can be achieved with the human mind as well as the Cosmic Mind. There are software entities created by the human mind and there are software entities (inferences) created by the Cosmic Mind.

Where is the ‘reference’ in a software entity? It is in the mind in which this software entity operates.

Quick summary

There may be a chain of ‘reference’s. The concept of center is valid at each stage of manifestation (transformation of Consciousness). Manifestation flows from the center of that specific stage.  At the core of each unit there is a ‘reference’ to that stage center. Each stage center points to the center of the previous stage. Ultimately, these stage centers point to the Divine Center which is also known as the Cosmic Soul (Cosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusha, God). The Cosmic Soul is a ‘reference’ to the Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness, Nirguna Brahma). The ‘reference’ (soul) is a mystery.


[1] Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, Párthasárathi Krśńa and Sáḿkhya Philosophy – 2 (Discourse 9)

[2] Matthieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan Thuan, The Quantum and the Lotus, Three Rivers Press, translation by Ian Monk (2001)

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