A strong reason to express yourself

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Every writer, every artist, every musician and yes, even this scientist, sometimes experiences self-doubt. Creative persons are driven by an instinct to express themselves. The driver of this instinct is the ego. This is one of the positive aspects of ego. It is very unfortunate, however, that ego also tries to stop the flow of self-expression by having thoughts like:

  • “Nobody is reading my writings”
  • “Nobody is reading my poems.”
  • “Nobody is discussing my art.”
  • “What is the point of writing a book? There is nothing new under the sun.”
  • “What is the point of writing at all? All will be forgotten.”
  • negative ego-speak goes on and on

I have long walks on weekends. Some of the ideas come to me during these walks. Today, this idea flashed in my mind: self-expression is not an option, self-expression is a necessity. God wants us to express ourselves fully.

Then, I started thinking about it and realized that self-expression which is soul-expression at the most fundamental level is truly necessary for the maximization of Cosmic Consciousness. God, in His Liila (Cosmic Drama), is counting on us to play our roles in this drama enthusiastically. This is strong enough reason for me but I also realize that God created some mechanisms to facilitate the preservation of the individual expression. We can examine this in physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

The most effective forms of self-expressions are…

the beautiful and elegant combinations of physical, mental and spiritual. The preservation of the original expression in its totality is another subject. Unfortunately, no original expression can be preserved in its physical-mental-spiritual totality forever. The mechanisms of preservation I am discussing in this article are of the secondary nature. I am referring to the preservation or promotion of the innovation/improvement in individual self-expression.

Preservation of the innovative individual physical expression

There are strong reasons to take care of our bodies to facilitate mental and spiritual development but there are also other reasons that science will discover in the future. If you improve your physical body the improved physical characteristics will be passed to the next generation through DNA – this is known – but your individual improvement will also influence the “collective mechanism” that pays attention to improvements in biological structures and promotes them. I am talking about an unknown dimension of evolution which is more than just random mutations in DNA, genetic drift and the survival of the fittest. There are other mechanisms. Science will discover the other mechanisms of evolution in the future.

Preservation of the innovation in individual mental expression

All artistic, scientific, and musical expressions, including the mental content of all writings are preserved in the Cosmos. Some call it “akashic records,” I call it “recording” by the Cosmic Mind. The preservation I am talking about in this article is different from the “recording.” In addition to “recording” there is also a mechanism similar to the one I mentioned above regarding the preservation and promotion of the individual improvements in biological structures. There is a similar mechanism for the preservation and promotion of individual mental expressions. By expressing yourself you are aiding the collective welfare of the Cosmos in a real way. This is not just figurative speech, I am talking about an ontological mechanism.

There is yet another mechanism for the preservation of individual expression. After we die the mental layers of the soul container dissolve in the Cosmic Mind just as the physical body dissolves into its physical components. The physical body is recycled. The mental body is recycled as well. Some aspects of your individual expression will be recycled.

Preservation of the innovation in individual spiritual expression

If I extrapolate the functionality of the “collective mechanism” to the improvement/innovation in spirituality, I can say that every single spiritual experience in the vast spectrum of spiritual experiences from the experiences of a peaceful moment to the experience of love in all its forms; from the ecstasy of spiritual touch to other ecstatic experiences (samadhis);  from enlightenment to Soul-realization; from liberation (Mukti)  to salvation (Moksha); every single spiritual experience will contribute positively to the collective welfare.

This is all speculation you say

All spiritual philosophy and all religions are speculations but they are based on the experiential knowledge of the human beings who were able to report their direct experiences in a rational way. There are also people like me who assume the role of a scientist and interpret these teachings. All this “interpretive nonsense” means nothing to most people but I will keep sharing my thoughts anyway.

About Suresh Emre

I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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