The Sufi Meditation of the Heart by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Rosa_Iceberg_1I came across an article by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee titled “The Sufi Meditation of the Heart.” I highly recommend this article.

Over the years I have read many books and articles on Sufism.  Vaughan-Lee’s article struck me as the most to-the-point

The article opens with this paragraph:

“Sufism is a path of love. The Sufi is a traveler on the path of love, a wayfarer journeying back to God through the mysteries of the heart. For the Sufi the relationship to God is that of lover and Beloved, and Sufis are also known as lovers of God. The journey to God takes place within the heart, and for centuries Sufis have been traveling deep within themselves, into the secret chamber of the heart where lover and Beloved share the ecstasy of union.”

My egoic-mind has a tendency to be distracted by terminology. For example, I am against the usage of  the words “nothingness” ,”emptiness” and “illusion” in spiritual literature. I know that those are just words some practitioners use to convey their inner spiritual experiences so I should not be distracted. It is interesting how Vaughan-Lee mixes Sufi terminology with the terminology from Indian spiritual traditions. If you read his article with open mind and open heart without getting entangled in certain words you will realize that this is a remarkable article containing a lot of information. I thank him for this inspiring article.

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