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As a physicist why do I write about sound archetypes? The subject of sound archetypes is not very very scientific, is it? I write about spirituality too and spirituality is not considered scientific either! But, most of us agree that spirituality is important. My inner voice tells me that the subject of sound archetypes is important too.

My earliest articles were on the sound archetypes:

While I was thinking about the sound archetypes of the Middle-East I was able to intuit few examples where YA, HU and RA sound archetypes were combined. At that time I could not think of the KA-HU-RA combination. It occurred to me recently that the name of the city of Cairo may be related to KA-HU-RA.

In Turkish the city of Cairo is known as Kahire. In Arabic the name of the city is pronounced as Kahira (al-Qāhirah). I am speculating that, maybe the “hi” sound in the middle was originally the “hu” sound. Kahira may have been Ka-Hu-Ra in the distant past.

The encyclopedias tell us that the literal meaning of al-Qāhirah in Arabic is “the Vanquisher” or “the Conqueror.” How unromantic can these official explanations get? 🙂

I am a romantic and I would like to believe that there is deeper meaning of the name Kahira as in Ka-Hu-Ra.

HU is the sound archetype symbolizing the Divine Word.

RA is the sound archetype symbolizing the Divine Light.

In the Acoustic Roots of Indo-Aryan Alphabet P.R. Sarkar explains that KA is the acoustic root of “flowing water.”

The name Ka-Hu-Ra suggests a place where the flowing waters inspire people to hear the Divine Word and see the Divine Light.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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