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Bodhi_Tree_Leaf-640x400Free online science magazine Quanta is relatively new but it has emerged as the most inspiring resource in science and mathematics. The Quanta Magazine is published by the Simons Foundation. The person behind the Simons Foundation and the driving force of all these wonderful developments is James H. Simons. There is a NYT article about him titled “Seeker, Doer, Giver, Ponderer.

I normally follow the mathematics and physics articles at the Quanta Magazine but I have been noticing the biology section. These articles are so good that I took the time to list them here. I will periodically update this list.


Evolution’s Random Paths Lead to One Place

The Thermodynamic Theory of Ecology

I Contain Multitudes

As Animals Mingle, a Baffling Genetic Barrier

Where Animals Come From

The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting

Hints of Life’s Start Found in a Giant Virus

The Game Theory of Life

Evolving With a Little Help From Our Friends

Inside the Din, Cells Fight Noise With Noise

In Bees, a Hunt for Roots of Social Behavior

Early Life in Death Valley

The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

A Fundamental Theory to Model the Mind

Does Competition Drive Diversity of Species?

Scientists Reveal Structure of Pain Sensor

Chemists Seek Possible Precursor to RNA

A New Physics Theory of Life

Under Pressure, Does Evolution Evolve?

A Missing Genetic Link in Human Evolution

The Secret Language of Plants

Inside a Brain Circuit, the Will to Press On

Tracking the Evolution of Cancer, Cell by Cell

RNA’s Secret Life Outside the Cell

In Brain’s ‘Rich Club,’ Meetings of the Mind

Our Bodies, Our Data

Imagining Data Without Division

Debating the Evolution of Multicellularity

Evolution as Opportunist

Decoding Flu Viruses Before an Outbreak

In Natural Networks, Strength in Loops

On the Microbial Frontier, Cooperation Thrives

In Pursuit of Quantum Biology With Birgitta Whaley

As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence They Learn Like Us

The Surprising Origins of Life’s Complexity

Tiny Genomes May Offer Clues to First Plants and Animals

A New Approach to Building the Tree of Life

Biologists Home in on Turing Patterns

Hunger Game: Is Honesty Between Animals Always the Best Policy?

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