On multiple perspectives

I keep saying that science will provide infinite number of perspectives on Reality and there will never be a single unified theory of the universe. Why? Why multiple perspectives? Because science limits itself to the physical realm. It is impossible to come up with a single TOE (theory of everything) when we restrict science to the physical realm only.

I am not influenced by the fads and fashions of academia. My insistence on multiple perspectives in science is not an expression of postmodernism. My rationale is mathematical.

Certain assumptions are made. The basic assumption is that Reality (“R” is capitalized) is much bigger in scope than the physical universe.  In the “summary” I mentioned that  Reality is an emanation from Godhead and Cosmos is an emanation from Reality. At each stage of emanation pure Consciousness (Absolute Being, Godhead) gets more confined, delimited and qualified thereby manifesting more attributes.

During emanations (transformations of Consciousness) the dimensions of Reality are converted into attributes. This is how Cosmos emanates from Reality. Cosmos has spiritual, mental and physical realms. It is clear that Cosmos is more than the physical universe. Even when you invoke multiple physical universes – Multiverse, Megaverse or whatever name you come up with for that physical infinity – Cosmos is still more than the totality of multiple physical universes.

All forms are necessarily finite. A form can be vast – practically infinite – but it has to be finite otherwise it would not be a form. Being finite is part of the definition of form. Physical universe(s) are form(s) therefore physical universes have to be finite.

Forms may have many attributes. A form can be thought of as a coherent collection of attributes. Form has a center. It is not a form without the center.

We can define the degrees of freedom within the form as secondary dimensions and observe the conversion of those secondary dimensions into secondary level attributes. During the transformations of Consciousness there will be many levels.

At each level the number of dimensions will be less than the number of dimensions of the previous stage. The degrees of freedom (dimensions) will decrease at each level. Conversely, the total number of attributes will increase steadily at each level.

We are within the physical universe. We are within a form called the physical universe. We are trying to understand  Reality from within this specific form. Reality has infinite number of dimensions but the form called the physical universe has a finite number of dimensions.

A single perspective of Reality is mathematically impossible when we view the higher dimensional Reality from the confines of a lower dimensional form.

We have to be careful with analogies but the following analogy based on the concept of “projection” can be useful. Consider projection of a sphere which is a 3-dimensional object onto a 2-dimensional surface.  The light source of the projection can be anywhere (infinite number of possibilities) therefore there will be infinite number different projected images on the 2-dimensional surface.

In the analogy above we considered the possibilities for the straight line projection. Projections cannot be restricted to this type only. There may be infinitely many different types of mathematical mappings from the 3-dimensional realm into the 2-dimensional realm. The types and numbers of projections are uncountable.

stereographicProj2 Image credit

Scientific perspectives are similar to the projected images on the 2-dimensional surface. Reality has infinite number of dimensions. Can you imagine the infinity of perspectives when Reality is viewed from within a form that has way fewer dimensions than Reality?



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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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