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I have daily walks in the Bryant Park twice a day regularly. Many times, when I am in the park I remember Nikola Tesla.

The south-west corner of the Bryant Park is designated as the Nikola Tesla Corner. His laboratory was located on the West 40’th Street right across the Bryant Park. He moved his laboratory to this address after he had financial problems. In his later years he spent a lot of time feeding pigeons in the Bryant Park.

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia and lived in Budapest and Paris and later became a true New Yorker and lived in NYC for 60 years. I highly recommend W. Bernard Carlson’s version of Tesla’s history in NYC. Carlson reminds us that

“For Nikola Tesla, nearly all of his creative work took place in Manhattan, and where he worked, lived, and played profoundly shaped his inventions.

Tesla experienced the high life in NYC for many years but unfortunately he never paid attention to his finances and died destitute at the New Yorker Hotel in 1943. He had never married. Throughout his life in Manhattan, Tesla lived in hotels.

In 1937, while taking his daily walk around the city a taxi cab hit him.  Tesla refused medical treatment for his injuries and he never fully recovered.  He died in his sleep on January 7, 1943.

Interesting factoids about Nikola Tesla:


His obsession with the number three and fastidious washing were dismissed as the eccentricities of genius. He spent his final years feeding—and, he claimed, communicating with—the city’s pigeons.”


For a record of his contributions to science and engineering please see the following:


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