Slides from the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) Morning Meetings


Accelerator physicists, engineers and technicians have daily meetings in the mornings and discuss LHC (Large Hadron Collider) status.

The summary presentations are posted at the following address:

You can select the week and click on the link then you will see the daily files. These slides are misleadingly plain looking, cryptic and somewhat boring. They don’t explain anything. I brought these to your attention just to give you an impression.

Sadly, the work of the accelerator experts go unappreciated by the general public. Accelerator physicists don’t advertise their work the way particle physicists do. Behind these boring daily status meetings there is a lively community of accelerator physicists, engineers and technicians who are very innovative people.

Particle physicists create too much hype and get all the credit. You should know that without the dedicated work of the accelerator experts none of these fancy particle physics experiments could be done.


Currently, LHC is in the middle of a “technical stop” (scheduled maintenance period). CERN management had this announcement regarding the “technical stop.”

There will be five-day technical stops for the accelerator/collider complex every ten weeks or so. The experiments take advantage of these intervals to carry out their own maintenance work.

The morning meeting slides for today (June 22, 2015) can be obtained from the following link

which basically says that LHC is waking up from the most recent technical stop.

The summary from June 15, 2015, especially the last page, is more colorful.

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