Detailed history of Feynman Diagrams

I have been reading and thinking about the self-interaction problem of elementary particles. Feynman’s name comes up often in my readings. I may say few words about the self-interaction problem in the near future but today I wanted to bring to your attention the historical notes regarding the invention of Feynman’s diagrams.

The image below is the first published Feynman diagram.


Here’s another one describing electron-positron annihilation


The first historical note that I want to share is Feynman’s own Nobel lecture. This lecture is a perfect reflection of his colorful personality and honest description of his struggles with the problem of self-interaction that led him to the Feynman diagrams.

Richard Feynman’s 1965 Nobel lecture

The second historical note that I want to share is a detailed article written by David Kaiser

Physics and Feynman Diagrams

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