Grand landscape of the arXiv

Paperscape interactive map of scientific research papers

The is a highly-automated electronic archive and distribution server for research articles. Covered areas include physics, mathematics, computer science, nonlinear sciences, quantitative biology and statistics. The arXiv is maintained and operated by the Cornell University Library. The was started by Paul Ginsparg in 1991.

More than 8000 scientific papers are submitted to arXiv each month

There is a new tool to explore the arXiv. It is known as the Paperscape map. The Paperscape is being developed by Damien George and Rob Knegjens.

When you click on the link below you will get to the Paperscape map. You can move around this map by clicking and dragging. You can also zoom in or out using the buttons on the lower left.

Each paper in the is represented by a circle on the Paperscape map, with the area of the circle proportional to the number of citations that paper has. The color of the circle denotes the arXiv category of the paper, and the brightness indicates age.

As you zoom in on the map labels will start to appear on individual papers. When you click on a circle you will get a box on the top right corner showing information about that paper. This info box contains a link to the actual paper in PDF format. You can click on the word “abstract” to read the abstract without going to the paper.

There is a search box on the top left corner. When you type a search term in the box and click on the “Search” button some of the circles will turn white. The white circles are the search results.

You can find more info about the Paperscape map at the following blog site


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