Few comments on Sutra 4.8 of Ananda Sutram

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You may have noticed this short sutra in Ananda Sutram

4.8 [The kuńd́alinii is the (force of) fundamental negativity.]

The Sanskrit original is

4.8 Kuńd́alinii sá múliibhútá rńátmiká.

I want to clarify the meaning of “negativity” in this sutra.

Cosmic Cycle (Divine Progression)

It is necessary to remember sutras 1.5 and 1.6 of Ananda Sutram

1.5 [Saiṋcara (in the Cosmic Cycle) is the gradual extroversial movement under the increasing influence of the guńas (binding principles).]

1.6 [Pratisaiṋcara (in the Cosmic Cycle) is the gradual introversial movement under the waning influence of the guńas.]

Here’s my interpretation of Saincara and Pratisaincara:

Absolute Being (Godhead, Nirguna Brahma)  —>  Divine Center (Cosmic Soul, Cosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusha)  —> Reality  (Saguna Brahma) —>  Cosmic Mind (Divine Mind, Mind of God)  —> Cosmos  (spiritual, mental, physical realms)  —> primordial fabric  —>  space-time-matter  —> galaxies —> planets —> organisms —> individual mind (encapsulating the individual soul which is a reflection of the Cosmic Soul) —> expansion of the individual mind  —> merger of the individual mind with the Cosmic Mind  —>  identification of the individual soul with the Cosmic Soul  —> Absolute Being (Godhead)

Saiṋcara is another name for the stages until the appearance of organisms. This is the movement from subtle to crude.

Pratisaiṋcara is another name for the stages following the appearance of organisms. This is the movement from crude to subtle.

“The phase of creation where It moves from subtle to crude has the purpose of Cosmic Consciousness forming Itself into Its infinite multiplicities as unit consciousnesses. The next phase of the movement from crude to subtle has the intention of liberating the unit consciousnesses from the bondage of Prakrti. Saguńa Brahma aims at the liberation of each of Its units, and to fulfil this purpose, It has to manifest Itself as the creation, which advances from subtle to crude and then from crude to subtle in its two phases. Thus the purpose or object of Saguńa Brahma in creating this universe is to obtain freedom for each of Its units or for all Its multiplicities and to obtain for them the status of muktapuruśa.” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti  ( from “What is This World” )

Supreme positivity and fundamental negativity

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti declares the starting point of Saiṋcara as the “supreme positivity” and the starting point of Pratisaincara as the “fundamental negativity.”

He often described spirituality as the journey of the soul from the fundamental negativity to the supreme positivity.

“You should remember that He is not only the Supreme Subjectivity, but He is also the Supreme Positivity. You may say that positivity and negativity are two different projections of the mental faculty. Then why should we use the word “positivity” for Him, and why not “negativity”? Yes, positivity and negativity are two expressions of the same Supreme Entity. When He creates something, when the sprout comes out from one of the unbalanced triangles of His attributions, that starting-point is the point of supreme positivity; and in the course of creation when so many waves of so many lengths of so many inferences come out from Him, then the last point, the culminating point, of creation is the point of supreme negativity. The crudest form of human existence is the point of supreme negativity, and the march of the spiritual aspirant starts from that point of supreme negativity and goes towards the Parama Puruśa, towards the nucleus of the Universe, who is the point of supreme positivity. So this point, this object of adoration, is the Supreme Positivity as well as the Supreme Subjectivity. An object moving towards the subject. It is a peculiar position. Yes, the object is moving towards the subject by being attracted by the subject. And because He is the attractive faculty, that is why Parama Puruśa is Krśńa. “Krśńa” means the Supreme Attractive Faculty, the Supreme Subjectivity.” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Parama Purusha the Great, 23 September 1979)

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