Updates (March 2016)

  • There are many physics blogs but there are only few that are dedicated to particle physics. My favorite these days is Adam Falkowski’s blog (Resonaances) .  His concise and informative posts do an excellent job explaining the most relevant aspects of experimental particle physics.
  • Evidence for the mysterious new (750 Gev) particle is growing. Adam Falkowski reports here and the Nature magazine reports here.
  • CERN LHC is currently waking up from winter break. Beam collisions at 13 Tev center-of-mass energy will start again in April 2016. “The first of 7000 powering tests began on 4 March: the first step on the way to the first beams of 2016. It’s a tight schedule, with the powering tests scheduled for just 12 days before moving on to machine checkout and then commissioning with beam around Easter.” [reference]
  • India will build an observatory for gravitational waves. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi said that “LIGO-India project will establish a state-of-the-art gravitational-wave observatory in collaboration with LIGO Laboratory run by Caltech and MIT.” Modi added that “The project will motivate Indian students and scientists to explore newer frontiers of knowledge and will add impetus to scientific research.” There is already a web page for the LIGO-India . The Caltech announcement can be read here.
  • SESAME began storage ring installation. SESAME will be the Middle East’s first synchrotron light source.  It is located in Allan, Jordan. CERN announcement mentioned that “After many years in the making, commissioning of SESAME is scheduled to begin in 2016, serving a growing community of some 300 scientists from the region. The initial research programme will cover topics as diverse as the search for new cancer drugs to the exploration of the regions shared cultural heritage. SESAME is also a pioneer in promoting international cooperation in the region.” The web page of SASAME has this picture:


  • Particle physics in the United States will focus on neutrino physics. CERN will no longer run its own neutrino beams. Instead, it will serve as a platform for European scientists engaged in neutrino detector R&D who will go on to work at neutrino experiments in the US and elsewhere. FERMILAB will be the center of neutrino experiments in the United States. You can read a short summary of FERMILAB neutrino experiments here.
  • I recently learned that Niels Bohr was the founder of CERN Theory Department which was set up two years before the rest of CERN. “Then, in 1952, a group of theorists, many under the age of thirty, met in Copenhagen and had three goals; scientific research on the fundamental problems in nuclear physics, training young theoretical physicists and developing active co-operation between laboratories – the original CERN theory department.” [reference]

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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