Tanedo on the 17 MeV Anomaly in Beryllium Nuclear Decays

TanedoI have referred to Philip Tanedo* as a “rising star” in my 2015 blogpost titled “Physics Tutorials by Philip Tanedo.” In 2015 he was a post-doctoral research fellow at the UC Irvine physics department. His group at the UC Irvine (led by Jonathan Feng) recently published a paper (also see the longer arxiv version which is freely accesible) that created big waves in the physics world. When I noticed that Tanedo was a co-author of that paper I was very happy for him. Soon after I heard that he became an Assistant Professor at the UC Riverside physics department. Now, he came up with another must-read article “The Delirium over Beryllium” (http://www.particlebites.com/?p=3970). I highly recommend it.

His articles at particlebites are also highly recommended.

Further reading on the “Atomki Anomaly” :

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Other Tanedo links

*He spells his first name as Flip in his expository articles and web pages.

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