Cartoon guide to quantum computing by Scott Aaronson and Zach Weinersmith

Scott Aaronson and Zach Weinersmith worked on a wonderful educational project. They explain Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing very concisely in the cartoon format. When I viewed the visuals and read the text I appreciated Scott Aaronson’s talent in stating the essence of quantum mechanics and quantum computing so directly in so few words.

“In case you’re wondering how this came about: after our mutual friend Sean Carroll introduced me and Zach for a different reason, the idea of a joint quantum computing comic just seemed too good to pass up.  The basic premise—“The Talk”—was all Zach.  I dutifully drafted some dialogue for him, which he then improved and illustrated.  I.e., he did almost all the work (despite having a newborn competing for his attention!).  Still, it was an honor for me to collaborate with one of the great visual artists of our time, and I hope you like the result.  Beyond that, I’ll let the work speak for itself.” – Scott Aaronson 


Of course, like everyone else, I am still confused about quantum superposition and where the quantum computing speedup comes from but this cartoon tutorial is very helpful.




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