The Legacy of the Tevatron by S.D. Holmes and V.D. Shiltsev

In Chris Quigg’s Twitter feed I discovered this gem:

The Legacy of the Tevatron in the Area of Accelerator Science by Stephen D. Holmes and Vladimir D. Shiltsev.

I was a post-doctoral researcher at Fermilab between August 1988-November 1992. During those years Fermilab was my life. I went home just to sleep. My mind was totally occupied with the Tevatron and accelerator physics. Thank you Stephen and Vladimir for this review paper!

Abstract: For more than 25 years the Tevatron was the highest energy accelerator in the world, providing the first access to particle collisions beyond 1 TeV and achieving an ultimate performance a factor of four hundred beyond the original design goals. This article reviews the many formidable challenges that were overcome, and the knowledge gained, in building, operating, and improving the Tevatron over its lifetime. These challenges included: the first operations of an accelerator based on superconducting magnets, production of antiprotons in sufficient numbers to support a useable luminosity, management of beam-beam, intrabeam, and other collective effects, novel manipulations of the beam longitudinal phase space, and development and application of a wide variety of innovative technologies. These achievements established the legacy of the Tevatron as the progenitor of all subsequently constructed high energy hadron colliders. “

Authors conclude their paper with few words of appreciation:

“The authors represent literally thousands of people who achieved great success by working together over many years with great skill, enthusiasm and dedication. Scientists, engineers, designers, drafters, programmers, technicians, secretaries, buyers, contract administrators, safety  professionals, lawyers, financial administrators, janitors, cafeteria workers – all put their hearts into the Tevatron and are responsible for this historic accomplishment. “

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