Live video feeds from ISS

If you do a Google search on “live video feeds from ISS” you might end up watching magnificent views of Earth as seen from ISS (International Space Station) but unfortunately most of these video feeds are NOT live.

I tried this one. There may be periods when it is live but not always.

NASA’s own web page contains a live feed (be prepared to see a blue screen sometimes)

NASA has another live feed which is recommended

There is a live orbit tracker link for ISS. This is reliable.

which shows the current location of ISS. You can check the tracker first and compare it to the video feed you are watching and decide whether it is live or not.

Few notes:

  • ISS is on a LEO (low Earth orbit). The live orbit tracker mentioned above shows the altitude as well at the latitude and the longitude. ISS is currently 426 km above Earth. Altitude changes.
  • The ISS orbital altitude drops gradually over time due to the Earth’s gravitational pull and atmospheric drag. Periodic re-boosts adjust the ISS orbit.
  • ISS is on a prograde orbit. This means that ISS is moving in the same direction Earth is rotating.
  • ISS orbit is inclined 51.65 degrees with respect to the equator. You can read the reasons behind this decision here.
  • ISS does not pass over the polar regions.
  • One ISS orbit takes 90-93 minutes depending on the exact altitude of the ISS. After one full orbit ISS will come back to the same latitude but the longitude will shift to the west by approximately 22.9°. After 3 days ISS will return to the same area above Earth.




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