Unity of Intelligence

In the book “Possible Minds (25 ways of Looking at AI)” Frank Wilczek says that if mind is emergent then “All intelligence is machine intelligence. What distinguishes natural from artificial intelligence is not what it is, but only how it is made.” Hence the term “unity of intelligence.”

I am sympathetic to this view. Wilczek’s view is consistent with some of the Eastern philosophies as well. But…I hesitate. Can we think of “intelligence” independent of ego and emotions? In my opinion, intelligence requires an “I” component. Call it “observer” or “witnessing core” or ego/self or something else but the “I” is a necessary component of intelligence. What plays the role of “I” in machine intelligence?

Regarding ego/self in AI (artificial intelligence) I found this article by Carlos E. Perez. You can follow the links he provides to learn more about the recent efforts of AI researchers in implementing “ego” in machine intelligence. Another article by the same author is this one.


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