Guest Post by Raymond Bates on Unity of Intelligence

Raymond Bates lives in the Philippines with his wife and two teenage children. He is the author of six books. “The Microvitic Atom“, “The Internal Being, Reincarnational and Intuitive Psychology“, “Macrogenesis, A New Paradigm in Consciousness“, “Biometaphysics, A theory of Biometaphysical Genetic Transference”, “Microvitology, Microvita Universal Subassembly Structures” and “Microcosmology, A New Paradigm of Relativity”. They are available free in E-book from the author at turiiya at Gmail.

In this guest post Raymond Bates responds to Frank Wilczek’s statement “All intelligence is machine intelligence. What distinguishes natural from artificial intelligence is not what it is, but only how it is made.” This statement was mentioned in my previous post titled Unity of Intelligence.


Wilczek and others make scientifically sweeping and generally correct statements to establish their eminent status in the scientific community. Statements like “…artificial intelligence is not what it is, but only how it is made.” is a prime example of this type of misleading statement. They never explain “how it is made” meaning how mind is made. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti does explain exactly that but certainly not in one sentence.

Certainly mind is ‘emergent’ but not in the sense that they are thinking. They are considering the emergence of AI mind from mechanical input, not considering that all mind is emergent but from very different premises.

  1. Mind is emergent in a spiritual manner.
  2. Mind is emergent in a physical manner.

Regarding mind emerging in a spiritual manner, this does happen in a spiritually evolutionary manner, over what we could consider (very mechanistically) as long periods of time.

First they are considering mechanical physical emergence only because they are mechanists. And making the improper assumption that a mechanical AI mind (which they are patterning their assumption on) follows human mind emergence. This is a false assumption.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti clearly describes the physical emergence of mind but from a psychic base or center. He describes that mind stuff (and therefore later intelligence) coagulates around a psychic base like clouds coagulate around a speck of dust. (But only in a general manner, not a scientific manner) The basis of more highly developed mind (human mind even sentient mind) is the developing centers forming around human birth. The mind develops overall as the human body’s psychic centers develop.

Even if, should one concede, that AI mind has developing emergence, this is based on a misguided assumption that mind in everything, is only physical. In an AI, the psychic mind centers are not there for highly developed mind to emerge automatically. This is why their thinking is merely mechanistic.

Mind is in every physical thing; even rocks (of course undeveloped) but its development is based on the conditions necessary to sustain it within the specific environment. What that means is that microvita modifies the emerging mind stuff in a specific environment to produce what we describe as life. Life is first a physical (and also a spiritual evolution) but life is dependent on microvita and the specific environment. Mechanical AI ‘mind’ has none of these prerequisites.

Lastly I should like to take the opportunity to point out that there are exceptions to every fixed rule. The above was based on the assumption that AI development and emergence was wholly electronically mechanical. There is (and in the future there will be) other than AI mechanical mind. Consider the development of quantum biological minds based on biological (living) physical stuff. Or even the possibility of developed minds (animal or other partially developed mind stuff) being modified for AI potential emergence. This is not a guess; it is here now and is developing. Yes there are possibilities of AI developing emergent minds.

Raymond Bates – March 6, 2019

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