Few stats about Turkish Economy and Society

The Turkish Statistics Institute provides a lot of data about Turkish economy and society. You can use the English version or the Turkish version of their website. They provide Excel spreadsheets. You have to do some work to extract the information. Regarding statistics on economics, I prefer data provided in Mahfi Egilmez’s blog. Mahfi Egilmez held many high level positions in the Turkish government. He was the head of the Treasury in 1997. I show a snapshot of his table of economic indicators at the end.

Few stats I extracted from the Turkish Statistics Institute website.

  • Population in 2018: 82 million
  • Number of marriages in 2018 = 553202
  • Number of divorces in 2018 = 142448
  • Number of children per mother in 2018 = 1.99 (this number is coming down steadily, it was 2.38 in 2001)
  • Mother’s average age = 28.9
  • Number of births in 2018 = 1248847
  • Number of deaths in 2018=426106
  • Number of infant deaths in 2018 = 11629
  • Number of suicides in 2018 = 3161
  • Number of physicians employed by state owned hospitals in 2017 = 149997
  • Number of patient hospital visits per physician in 2017 = 4793
  • %GDP spent on research and development in 2017 = 0.96 (this number is steadily increasing, it was 0.53 in 2001)
  • Number of people employed in research and development in 2017 = 153552

Mahfi Egilmez provides the following table in his blog: Please note the decline in GDP and per capita income in dollar terms, and the sharp decline in growth rate in 2018 and 2019.

Note: In European notation thousands are separated by “.” and what we call decimal point in the United States is indicated by “,” .

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