Notes (May 2020)

John Baez keeps educating us tirelessly. There is a treasure of knowledge in his website and blogs. I particularly follow his diary. The image above is from his April 13 section of April 2020 diary. Baez tells the story of Kelvin’s fascination with the theory of vortex atom.

FERMILAB prepared a comprehensive list of their educational material. They call it “Particle physics at home“. I highly recommend that you bookmark it.

Online magazine Symmetry interviewed 7 scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider to hear about differences between 7 different rungs on the academic career ladder. This is for students who are contemplating a career in particle physics.

The discussion that took place in the comments section of Peter Woit’s blog post titled “Latest on abc” was remarkable. Famous mathematicians discussed (with technical details) the proof of the “abc conjecture” by Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki. The proof is controversial but it was accepted for publication in the RIMS journal. The official publication of a controversial proof triggered the discussion.

I wanted to bring readers’ attention to Geoffrey Dixon’s blog (his old blog is also very interesting). I enjoy his writing. He has had a remarkable career. Inspired by Gürsey and Günaydın‘s work he developed an algebraic approach to particle physics. A summary of his physics work can be found in his blog post titled “Fait accompli“.

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