Guest Post by Richard Gauthier on Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Today I am happy to publish a guest post by Richard Gauthier. I follow his physics research very closely.  After receiving a B.Sc. degree in physics from M.I.T in 1967, Richard Gauthier earned a M.Sc. degree in physics from University of Illinois in 1971. He received Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Stanford University in 1977.  After working as a research scientist at the Bell Labs for few years he became a yogic monk to spend more time doing research on mind and consciousness and helping others with similar interests. In the 80’s and 90’s he was a yoga and meditation teacher in Europe. After he returned from Europe, he has been teaching physics in California.


Here’s some new and edgy physics or natural philosophy related to particle physics.  Although it’s currently outside of mainstream physics, it is key to possibly understanding nature and the origin of physical laws. The ideas developed in relation to my thinking about the proposed finely-tuned univon (universe-creating) particle originating in a cosmic quantum field in an objective portion of a cosmic mind.

The following Powerpoint about the proposed univon/cosmic quantum was presented at the recent virtual annual April Meeting of the American Physical Society in a session on new ideas in astrophysics and cosmology.

The associated article is also linked below.

Superluminal Primordial Information Quanta (Sprinqs) Created and Compose a Multiverse of Equally Fine-Tuned Universes Evolving Life and Highly-Developed Minds–Powerpoint

Superluminal Primordial Information Quanta (Sprinqs) Created and Compose a Multiverse of Equally Fine-Tuned Universes Evolving Life and Highly-Developed Minds

Natural laws precede or at least exist at the beginning of our universe, since our universe from its beginning follows mathematical natural laws. I’m proposing that these natural laws are created by a natural God (or Supreme Consciousness), all of whose actions utilizing God’s inherent creative power are natural—none are supernatural. So God is also natural. Physicists and others study the natural world in order to understand and describe what they call the laws of nature. They and others try to apply the results of this scientific understanding in practical and useful ways. Naturally, many scientists don’t want to accept God as the explanation for things that may have a natural scientific explanation. But if God is natural, all of God’s actions such as creating the universe with all its inhabitants should have a natural scientific explanation. The univon/cosmic quantum hypothesis connects God’s Cosmic Mind to the creation of the universe. Scientific exploration of nature’s laws should always be encouraged, when carried out benevolently and non-dogmatically. Theologians are sometimes on the defensive when something previously explained by reference to God is given a clear scientific explanation. A “God of the gaps” is an unreliable God. But if God is completely natural, God’s actions and laws should all have natural explanations. Should a natural God be jealous if scientists and yogis, evolved and trained naturally, and with natural curiosity, try to understand God’s natural laws? An infinite natural God cannot hate God’s creation, and cannot create a second God. To know God fully one will have to become one with God. Perhaps this is what a natural God wants. Einstein famously said “God is subtle, but He is not malicious.”

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