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How many books in major libraries?

image credit Here’s the number of catalogued items in the largest libraries based on this list as of March 9, 2019: British Library:   150-200 million Library of Congress:   164 million+ New York Public Library:   55 million Library … Continue reading

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Book bunker below Bryant Park

I have recently learned that there is a book bunker below the Bryant Park. This is a concrete-encased and climate-controlled book vault with 55,600 square feet of space that extends west from the main branch of the New York Public Library … Continue reading

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Five Books (May 2014)

I am not an avid reader. My day job and various responsibilities leave me very little time for reading and writing. I have research projects too …that’s another story. I still try to keep up with the new books on … Continue reading

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There are no massless electrically charged particles in nature

I am reading “The Infinity Puzzle” by Frank Close. This is a well written book. I am familiar with the physics and the historical and social context behind the theories mentioned in this book but I was surprised to find … Continue reading

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The seven mysteries of life according to Guy Murchie

Guy Murchie (1907-1997) wrote an inspiring book titled The Seven Mysteries of Life [1]. He completed this book in 17 years. It is one of my favorite books. I return to it periodically for inspiration. He was a school teacher, … Continue reading

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Idea of Nature

Richard E. Nisbett claims that “the greatest of Greek scientific discoveries was the discovery – or rather, as philosopher Geoffrey Lloyd put it, the invention – of nature itself, The Greeks defined nature as the universe minus human beings and … Continue reading

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My Favorite Books

I excluded fiction from this list. I also excluded many scientific and technical books which are truly my favorites but they would not be appropriate here. Another excluded category is the esoteric books. The following are the books that I … Continue reading

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