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How to implement random article pointer in JavaScript

I cannot do this in the platform because it does not let me execute JavaScript. But, in other platforms you can do this: In other words, you prepare a list of URLs and point to one of them using … Continue reading

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Machine Learning Interview Questions

image credit I recommend that beginners start with Roger Huang’s 41 questions and answers about Machine Learning. On his webpage Roger Huang provides links to further reading as well. It is clear that Machine Learning uses many statistical techniques. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Stephen Wolfram’s Theory of Everything

Stephen Wolfram On April 14, 2020 Stephen Wolfram published a long article summarizing the results of his research towards a fundamental theory of physics. He does not use the terminology “ToE” (Theory of Everything) but many science journalists and scientists … Continue reading

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Latest news and discussion on Google’s quantum supremacy experiment

image source I follow the developments in quantum computing from various sources. My starting point is always the same: John Preskill’s Twitter feed. The term “quantum supremacy” was first used by John Preskill. He explained his reasoning and concerns in … Continue reading

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China’s Noah’s Ark

China’s first national gene bank officially opened recently. The center will eventually store 300 million genetic samples. Currently, it stores 10 million samples. China National GeneBank (CNGB) will be the biggest genetic research center in the world as well as … Continue reading

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Machine Learning Resources

Image credit Free academic courses offered by universities CS229 (Machine Learning) course materials at Stanford University   (Andrew Ng, Stanford University) Learning from Data    (Caltech) Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning (UFLDL) UFDL tutorial Video lectures     (scroll … Continue reading

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Cubic curves

The reason I am interested in cubic curves is that they may be the simplest mathematical representations of the twisting action. In “Prometheus and Chronos” I tried to build a conceptual model of particles based on the hypothesis of intrinsic … Continue reading

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Wonderful Mathematical Art of Dave Whyte

I have discovered a treasure. You can view Dave Whyte’s wonderful mathematical GIF animations at Dave Whyte does not provide any background information about himself but Christopher Jobson provided this information. “The Dublin-based PhD student is currently studying the physics of foam … Continue reading

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