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Universe is not a fluctuation

Andromeda galaxy (credit: NASA) “We therefore conclude that the universe is not a fluctuation, and that the order is a memory of conditions when things started. This is not to say that we understand the logic of it. For some … Continue reading

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Dark Energy Controversies

In a recent post titled “Recent discussions on dark energy” I discussed various speculations on the nature of dark energy assuming dark energy is real. It never occurred to me that the data analyses of 2 independent teams lead by … Continue reading

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James Schombert’s lectures on cosmology

Abundance of elements in the universe as a function of the atomic number.  I have discovered James Schombert’s web pages on astronomy and cosmology. Prof.  James Schombert is an observational astronomer whose research focuses upon galaxy evolution and formation, as well … Continue reading

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Cosmology is developing into an experimental science thanks to revolutionary observational techniques by the astronomers, physicists and engineers. The amount of data collected by the space-based as well as the ground-based (optical, gamma, infrared, microwave, radiowave, CMB) observatories plus the … Continue reading

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Hubble constant: 5 sigma separation between 67 and 73 (km/s)/Mpc

Natalie Wolchover of Quanta magazine recently attended the cosmology workshop at the KITP Santa Barbara, California and summarized the discussions regarding the measurement of the Hubble constant in this Quanta article. The chart from her article (see below)  shows clearly … Continue reading

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