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Ananda Purnima 2019

“The soul of music slumbers in the shell Till waked and kindled by the master’s spell And feeling hearts – touch them but rightly – pour A thousand melodies unfelt before.” – Samuel Rogers

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Chuck Lorre’s Big Bang Theory Vanity Cards

The long-running TV comedy show Big Bang Theory (BBT) ended today after 12 seasons (279 episodes). BBT was my favorite TV show of all time. I congratulate everyone involved in producing the show. The writing was superb. Actors were very … Continue reading

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No need to be confused

When you are confused or discouraged, or when you think that book writing is all about ego and ego is bad because it blocks the light of the soul – which is true – remember that Reality is about Life. … Continue reading

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Not that anybody cares but I will take a 6-12 month break from blogging to work on a book. In the past I have started many books with different titles but they didn’t go anywhere. Short outbursts of intuitive writing … Continue reading

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Lost in translation (3)

Aşk olmadan Keşf olmaz. Literal translation from Turkish: Keşf is not possible without Love. Keşf  (pronounced “kashf” – “sh” as in “shall” ) can mean any of these the process of discovering the truth the process of acquiring intuitive knowledge … Continue reading

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Yesterday,  when I was approaching my office building on the 42nd Avenue in Manhattan I saw a man carrying a backpack with a sign on it. The sign said “Payback” which was written in very big letters. At that moment, I felt strongly … Continue reading

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Sugar Bliss

Image credit Many people I know – especially ladies – dream about becoming pastry shop owners. This is very interesting because I also entertain similar thoughts. My sugary thoughts are often mixed with my California dreaming. Take a look at the … Continue reading

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Lost in translation (1)

“Aşk olmayınca, meşk olmaz” – Turkish proverb Aşk (pronounced “ahshk” – “sh” as in “shall” ) means love in Turkish (Aşk covers all varieties of “love” from erotic love to Divine Love) Meşk : rigorous musical exercises musicians have to … Continue reading

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Kiirtans at SoundCloud

Image credit I have been visiting the kiirtans page at the SoundCloud very often. Inspiring Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtans. Enjoy!  

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image credit I feel so ashamed for not knowing much about al-Biruni – the polymath who lived in the 11’th century. His name was brought to my attention by a newspaper article announcing the establishment of a new private university … Continue reading

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Skipping an Age

Image credit In my native language Turkish there is a phrase “çağ atlamak” which literally means “skipping an age” but it actually expresses a desire for rapid progress. This phrase has been on my mind lately. In school they taught … Continue reading

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Inference and Propensity

Dictionary definitions: Propensity: an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way. Inference: a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. In the context of spiritual philosophy: propensity: a causal factor influencing an individual entity inference: … Continue reading

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More Sailboats

In the Sailboats essay I included this picture of an abstract sailboat painting from the Ottoman times. I have few more. These paintings are few centuries old. I wish I could give you the full reference but I don’t have … Continue reading

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Those who walk in darkness shall see a great light

I wanted to share Barbara Cannon’s opening remarks at the Nobel ceremonies. This is one of the most eloquent speeches I have ever heard. She quoted Prophet Isaiah who said “those who walk in darkness shall see a great light.” … Continue reading

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Electronic Edition of the Works of P.R.Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti)

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (May 21, 1921 – October 21, 1990), also known by his spiritual name Shrii Shrii Anandamurti was one of the highest expressions of Universal Teacher in human history. He was the founder of Ananda Marga. He was … Continue reading

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My favorite Einstein photographs

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