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Machine Learning Interview Questions

image credit I recommend that beginners start with Roger Huang’s 41 questions and answers about Machine Learning. On his webpage Roger Huang provides links to further reading as well. It is clear that Machine Learning uses many statistical techniques. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Raymond Bates on Unity of Intelligence

Raymond Bates lives in the Philippines with his wife and two teenage children. He is the author of six books. “The Microvitic Atom“, “The Internal Being, Reincarnational and Intuitive Psychology“, “Macrogenesis, A New Paradigm in Consciousness“, “Biometaphysics, A theory of … Continue reading

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Testing Google Neural Machine Translation (Turkish to English)

Google Translate service replaced its phrase based (rule based) algorithms with a sophisticated “machine learning” (artificial intelligence) system. They released the new system on Nov 15, 2016. The theoretical background of their new approach is explained in this academic paper.  Turkish/English translations are … Continue reading

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Machine Learning and Big Data in the Real World according to Shivon Zilis

In my – day job – world the subjects of machine learning and big data are very fashionable. All groups in my firm are interested in the machine learning techniques. I am too old and too slow to get into … Continue reading

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A Simple Pattern Recognition Algorithm

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision are fascinating fields. I want to encourage college students to pursue these subjects. Advanced high school students can learn the basics of these subjects as well. Here’s a project for college … Continue reading

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