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Guest Post by Raymond Bates on Unity of Intelligence

Raymond Bates lives in the Philippines with his wife and two teenage children. He is the author of six books. “The Microvitic Atom“, “The Internal Being, Reincarnational and Intuitive Psychology“, “Macrogenesis, A New Paradigm in Consciousness“, “Biometaphysics, A theory of … Continue reading

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Unity of Intelligence

In the book “Possible Minds (25 ways of Looking at AI)” Wilczek says that if mind is emergent then “All intelligence is machine intelligence. What distinguishes natural from artificial intelligence is not what it is, but only how it is … Continue reading

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Orthogonality is harder to achieve as the number of explanatory factors increases

One of my favorite posts is “New Perspective on Unification” where I discuss the “horizontal” and “vertical” attributes.  Horizontal attributes are associated with collectivity and multiplicity. Vertical attributes are about individuality, individual histories and individual characteristics. In that post I also … Continue reading

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If there is mathematical reality then mind cannot be entirely physical

Peter Byrne from the Quanta Magazine interviewed David J. Gross* in May 2013. The title of the interview is “Waiting for the Revolution.” Peter Byrne’s last question in the interview was: “Is there an objective reality independent of human … Continue reading

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Is quantum state an attribute or dimension?

I think that a quantum state is a dimension. After measurement (wavefunction collapse) the eigenvalue (the specific value obtained by the measurement) is an attribute. I have a tutorial titled “What is dimension?” but I have not written much about the … Continue reading

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Are Brains Analogue or Digital?

Bartlesville High School formerly known as College High School Brain science is like particle physics. Progress in particle physics has been very slow because the experiments are very expensive and the technology is very difficult. It takes decades to design … Continue reading

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Recent changes in Earth’s magnetic field

Image credit According to geologic record in the minerals, Earth’s magnetic dipole polarity reversed many times during the planet’s 4.5 billion year history. The average time between reversals is 250 thousand years.  There were no reversals in the last 780 … Continue reading

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My Response to Hut-Alford-Tegmark

This is the 3rd installment of a 3 part series. The first two were: Piet Hut the Hero Physicist Hut-Alford-Tegmark Debate on Math, Matter and Mind In this piece I will comment on the Hut-Alford-Tegmark debate. For their debate Hut-Alford-Tegmark used a … Continue reading

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Hut-Alford-Tegmark Debate on Math, Matter and Mind

This is a follow-up article on “Piet Hut the Hero Physicist” where I mentioned Hut’s interesting paper titled “On Math, Matter and Mind” [2]. I will provide an introduction to his paper here. You can read my comments on that … Continue reading

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Inference and Propensity

Dictionary definitions: Propensity: an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way. Inference: a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. In the context of spiritual philosophy: propensity: a causal factor influencing an individual entity inference: … Continue reading

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What is subtler than Higgs field? Is there anything subtler than space-time? In String/M theories they sometimes talk about branes. They talk about the bulk concept as well. There is no spelling mistake here. Yes, you have read it right. … Continue reading

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